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  2. New Summit in 2018?

    I agree with you on that. Definitely steered it in a different direction. I have some very popular and very large Ace Hardware stores near me. Affluent suburbs of Philadelphia where money spent on a gas grill is nothing for man folks...same at our beach home in Cape May County.... They(Ace Hardware) have large, dedicated areas for Weber and BGE. I am underwhelmed by the high end Weber models. I think my distaste is in part due to the style. Having a cabinet underneath to store things out of view is necessary. I have found that their customer service is still very good but has to be as the price points approach Viking and other high end brands
  3. New Summit in 2018?

    I definitely agree on that. I had the previous two Gennies but would never buy the latest version. Aside from the fact that I don't need or want a new grill, if I do get another, it will not be a Weber. I suspect that Customer Support will be (has been?) the next casualty. '
  4. New Summit in 2018?

    Even if it's not Black & Decker perhaps we can agree that the new management company is making decidedly bad moves. IMO taking almost all manufacturing to China IMO this indicates the management has "sold out" and is simply banking on the "name" to make profits. IMO the products began severely dropping in quality over the last 7 years or so. They are simply taking the company down the same path that all the other quality name brands we had have gone i.e. DuCane, Charmglow, CharBroil and so on just to name a few.
  5. New Summit in 2018?

    Not pissed. Merely wanted to provide accurate info. In doing do, it refutes your earlier post regarding the analogy of Black and Decker quality deteriorating...which I would certainly agree with.
  6. New Summit in 2018?

    Sorry you seem kinda pi$$ed. If I made a mistake sorry. Just don't wanna go down the argument road. Have a great day. If I am wrong than Mea Culpa.
  7. New Summit in 2018?

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stanley_Black_%26_Decker Tell me where you find Weber-Stephens products in there. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weber-Stephen_Products
  8. New Summit in 2018?

    It is not the same controlling company and they are in no way related. Specifically what " business reports"? Look up one or the other on corporate wiki or Wikipedia. You will find they have no connection at sll
  9. New Summit in 2018?

    It's the same controlling company according to business reports I have read. I simply used B&D as meaning all in the same bed so to speak. Now if this company is not the same as the one controlling Black & Decker THEN I stand corrected. But from my readings and understanding BDT Capitol is the same one that controls B&D.
  10. New Summit in 2018?

    Weber was never purchased by Black and Decker. Total nonsense. Fake news. BDT Capital Partners bought a controlling stake in them in 2013. The B and D stand for Byron and David...Byron David Trott,a former Goldman Sachs investment advisor that started his own VC company with Weber just one of many investments...Kuerig/Green Mountain Coffee and sveral other recognized brands. So much for your theory. What else in your post needs fact checking?
  11. Jenn Air BBQ grill wont get hot

    Honestly there is hot and there is HOT. There really is no need for 700. In a grill all that heat is coming from underneath and if you try to sear say a steak at that you get instant inferno. Even on my old Summit 450 the temp gauge never really gets higher than 450 to 475 or so and I can get my steaks good and crusty with a rare interior.
  12. Jenn Air BBQ grill wont get hot

    Thanks for the help. I use to cook on a Primo grill and they get up to 700 degrees. I'll try the oven thermometer, that's a good idea. It does have a regulator and it is a Natural Gas grill. Thanks again.
  13. Jenn Air BBQ grill wont get hot

    500 degrees is pretty damn hot. If it is one of the stainless ones then there is a lot of metal that conducts heat, but if it really is getting to 500 then that should cook anything you want quite well...
  14. Jenn Air BBQ grill wont get hot

    I agree with Underthehood. If you have an oven thermometer, you may want to put it inside the grill and check the temperature. The thermometers on the top of most grills are very inaccurate. I use a Maverick model 732 to watch both my grate temp and food temp.
  15. Jenn Air BBQ grill wont get hot

    My understanding is that some of those models have enough "ventilation" that they do not get over 500. If it has a built in regulator then it most definitely is a NG grill. For your safety LEAVE THE REGULATOR ALONE btw. I cannot stress that enough. From what I have read on some old forums those grills will burn through or melt down if you try to modify them hotter. Also the thermometer itself may be faulty. Bottom line I think your grill is operating as designed
  16. Jenn Air BBQ grill wont get hot

    Are you sure it is not set up for propane. Check the nameplate.
  17. I just bought a used Jenn Air Natural Gas grill and I can't get it over 500 degrees. I bought brand new burners. There is a regulator inside the grill. I have not adjusted it. Any suggestions?
  18. New member, greeting from Alabama

    Welcome to the BBQ Source Forums. I'm Dave and I live in the Metro Atlanta area...
  19. New member, greeting from Alabama

    Hi back
  20. New member, greeting from Alabama

    Hello to everyone, very glad to join the forums
  21. http://goo.gl/7AEYk8

  22. Decent Quality Tools

    Weber tools are generally decent.
  23. Costco Prime Brisket

    Only BJ's here. No prime. I am lucky to find a select flat.
  24. Costco Prime Brisket

    Truly. We've had other membership stores in the area, but Costco is superior (IMO) and there appears to be a significant quality improvement in general. Others may likely not agree, but I especially find Costco a great source for meat/poultry/seafood with prices comparable to inferior quality from Walmart, etc. I also noticed that Costco is a source for bacon fixin's -- pork belly. Both full slabs and 2" cross-cut strips. I think there are lots of grillers and smokers in this area and this local Costco is expanding their options to meet the interest. At my wife's urging, I got some prepared garlic bbq raw wings which turned out to be really good (and met her alpha-gal limitations) for just $1 more per pound than their "party wings" (cut, no tips). And the party wing price again beats Walmart and everyone else in the area. Sorry, hood. You got me going.
  25. Costco Prime Brisket

    I would kill for a Costco where I live. I'm stuck with Sam's
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