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  2. Where All The Flowers (posters) Gone?

    I believe today is going to turn things around. At least here in the city. and it's, "Where HAVE all the posters gone?" but you knew that.
  3. Where All The Flowers (posters) Gone?

    Heck, I forgot I was even a member here.
  4. We had some snow, and it did get rather cold for about 3 weeks, but besides that pretty mild down here in Ga...
  5. Where All The Flowers (posters) Gone?

    Oh yeah you guys are getting nailed pretty bad out east. Funny Alaska is almost "tropical" and here it's supposed to be spring. Go figure. I think it was 2 weeks ago I was sitting on pins and needles. We had something like 8 or 9" rain in a matter of hours. Yard looked like a small lake, culverts running so hard it sounded like rapids on a river. Last night a blast of snow and cold again. Ugh. I want to get my boat up to the main garage and get it ready for some spring fishing. Yard too muddy though
  6. Hello Dave and 'hood! Kinda figured you guys would be the first to respond.. We've missed most of the heavy snow this winter, but they're calling for something real bad rolling in tonight into tomorrow. Fingers crossed it'll just be rain. Last weeks N'easter laid down a ton of water around here, I lost one of my dogwood trees, broke off right at ground level due to the heavy winds. Sure dampened the grilling urges! Anyway - glad to hear from you, I'm sure others will begin participating again soon. mike
  7. Where All The Flowers (posters) Gone?

    I bought 2 grills recently. Got a Genesis Silver B (I think) Natural Gas in darn near mint condition for $25 and just yesterday I bought a Genesis Silver A (2 burner LP) in good to decent shape for $35 which I am going to refurbish and gift to a friend. Otherwise around here it's been a horrid winter for grilling. November though the early part of December we had wonderful weather and thought we were going to have another no snow mild winter........................................WRONG! All hell broke loose just before Christmas and it's been bad since. Used my Summit for only like the 4th time all winter a couple days ago. Otherwise I have been "grilling" indoors on my Lodge Cast Iron dual burner size grill/griddle. Or I have been subbing my little Q220 here and there but with things being so cold, icy and snowy all year even then not too much because I didn't want to put a car out to use the grill in the garage. Things starting to get a little better but weather reports indicating we'll be back to January weather all week (bitter cold, ice and snow) sooooooooooooooo SICK of this weather.
  8. Hey Mike, hope all is well. I'm here. Hoping that we can kick this off again this spring and summer and get the BBQ band back together. Lets do this! On a positive note, at least this software is Russian Proof:>)
  9. Wow. I've watched these forums go from a rocky start, to a mellow run, then literally an explosion of new sign-ups - through great periods of photo postings, new grills, hardware, recipes, techniques - you name it, this was the place to be for all things BBQ. So, it's sad now to log in and see basically no activity since last year. Spring is approaching, I know we normally slow down for the winter months, but never a completely dry period like this. Here's hoping as the warm weather breaks soon (at least here in the Northeast), things will start perking up. Lets go folks - anybody still grilling? Who's bought (or is going to buy) a grill for the new approaching season? What's your favorite meat to grill/smoke? We can't let this place die - let us know what's happening in your grillin' world! For me, no new grill as my ancient Kirkland is still working just fine (albeit replacing burners annually but cheaply @ $4 per burner), steak is still my favorite though ribs and chicken are close behind. Am I gonna have to post pictures to stir things up here? Don't make me bring out my camera! ;-) Hello 2018 and hello to all you members, past and present that are maybe like me, just popping in but not posting. Lets' get a fire going! mikey
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