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  1. Forum Closing

    I've asked the company that provides server space to keep forum open until June 15th so that members can share contact information . Not sure at this point if they'll be able to or want to.
  2. Forum Closing

    FORUM CLOSING After too many years to count it has been decided to shut this forum down! We recently got hacked and are needing to spend more money on upgrades to avoid this in the future. In addition, as this is a non-revenue generating endeavor the cost of keeping this forum alive has fallen on one persons shoulders. After some discussion with Bluesin (Dave) it appears that the cost of administration to turn this into a profit maker would be too burdensome. So, it is with a very heavy heart, that I have been forced to make this decision! I will attempt to keep the doors open for a little while longer so some of you can reach out and share contact information. Thanks to all the "regulars" who helped keep bbqsource-forms alive and vibrant! Happy Grilling and Bbq'ing Don Solar
  3. Pork Chicharrones

    FYIPORK RINDS Why you think they’re bad: These puffy snacks are literally cut from pigskin. Then they’re deep-fried. Why they're not: A 1-ounce serving contains zero carbohydrates, 17 grams (g) of protein, and 9 g fat. That’s nine times the protein and less fat than you'll find in a serving of carb-packed potato chips. Even better, 43 percent of a pork rind's fat is unsaturated, and most of that is oleic acid—the same healthy fat found in olive oil. Another 13 percent of its fat content is stearic acid, a type of saturated fat that’s considered harmless, because it doesn't raise cholesterol levels.
  4. Gotta love this picture, my landscaper enjoying some Pork Chicharrones Deep fried some pig skin pellets the other day. They are frikin awesome!
  5. Pork Belly

    It was such a gooey mess that it was tossed. I've got a new Boston butt in freezer to work on
  6. Pork Belly

    You have to admit when you screwed up! Not sure I know the answer at this point. But will stick to the basics for now! Bacon is bacon, butts are butts , pork belly is........?
  7. Pork Belly

    imho! If you cook it down to get rid of the fat, you are looking at $10/lb Miss Barbara said too fatty, I said too fatty, butt () if you cook it down fats gone, so's your money! Someone help me here! Left overs are in the trash
  8. Pork Belly

    Well, just consumed some PB, I have to say the process may be on me! 8 hrs @ 260 ,, rested , followed by 1 hr at 350 ! Not enough, greasy etc! At this point rather do Boston butt ! Someone help me on this!
  9. Pork Belly

    It's only 4 lbs so you're gasser should work fine ! Going to take pics.....
  10. Pork Belly

    My butcher said "Once you go belly you'll never go Butt" . We'll see! Here's a suggestion from a friend (Anthony Mullins) that owns Swine Dining Competition Bbq Team in Georgia "I injected it first with a combination of apple juice, sugar, salt, white vinegar and trappy's hot sauce. 3 to 1 apple juice to vinegar. Then applied rub and refrigerated overnight. Smoked for 8 hours at 260F. During the cooking, once I had the color I liked (about 3 hours), I wrapped it in aluminum foil for the balance of the cooking adding about a half of a cup of apple juice in the foil. The key to success is letting all of the fat render out. At the end I glazed it with BBQ sauce and let it set up then it rested about an hour on the kitchen counter before I pulled it apart. It takes a good bit of time but man is it worth it. You can always cook it hotter and faster." Anthony Mullins'creation Grilled Pork Belly and Cheese Sandwich
  11. Pork Belly

    Not bacon, BBQ' d pork belly. Hear it's really tasty and totally different than pork shoulder. Most of online recipes are Asian.etc.Looking for somewhat traditional bbq style
  12. Pork Belly

    Just bought my first pork belly slab approx 4lbs. I know many of you may be shocked it's my FIRST one. Plan on smoking it skin side up in my Master Built Smoker 6 hours 250-260. Butcher suggests followed by 1-2 hours @ 350 to crisp it up. Any comments, suggestions, observations?
  13. The best partner for a delicious BBQ?

    Bet you can't wait for Jersey Corn to come in season!
  14. The best partner for a delicious BBQ?

    Must be European plate! USA BBQ sides (partners) usually consist of cole slaw, beans or French fries
  15. Been a while since I've posted, lurking mostly. Thought I'd share Just got two 27" SS burners for my Magic Cater 8 burner grill. As some of you know I used to run an online grill parts store but was forced out by low cost competition. Point I want to make here is the very low cost of these burners <$16 for both of them, still can't believe it. Installed them today and fit was fine. Long term question is how will they hold up for that price? I know there are all grades of SS, so I'll assume these aren't the highest. If I get a year or two I guess I won't complain😄