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  1. Been a long time since I have been on this site. Electrical and gas are in and plumbed to the island (permitted ) Island is almost 100% framed. Ended up getting a 36 inch DCS grill. Have a DCS dual burner. Just trying to figure out what lights to use at this point.
  2. Robertsd

    Impending bbq island build

    Dchambers, I am at that stage in my build where I am looking for lights. I have a back splash like you do so your lights setup appeals to me. Do you have the name or model # of the lights you used? They looks like LED strip lights which is perfect. But the light output and angel looks great based on your pictures. Also, the small sections of lights used on the walls, are those just cut strips of the same LED lights? Or something diff? Your help is much appreciated. Robert
  3. dave, I haven't ordered drawers yet. I looked for water tight type drawers but didnt find any that weren't over $800. Do you know of any that you would recommend?
  4. Here is the basic layout of my island. Not sure I am set of my dimentions, but I think I am close. I couldn't locate the 3D images for the drawers and doors like i had in the past so I just drew them in.
  5. I just went back and reread all my posts and noticed one very IMPORTANT thing I left out. The gas and electric are part of my POOL permits so that is covered. When I went down to the city, I specially asked if the actual island needed a permit (and discussed the fact that gas and elec would be included but are part of another permit). As far as water goes, I can legally have cold water and run into a hole (can't think of the formal name at this time (haven't had my coffee yet) but adding hot would require a sewer line. Thanks for your concern. It is great to know people are this forum know there stuff and care about the welfare of others.
  6. No, I didnt say I was doing water (for a sink) but electrical and gas yes. I know I shouldn't be doing water but I don't think water is going to burn anything down.
  7. Met with the planning and building dept at San Jose City hall. Found out that San Jose does NOT have any ordinances or rules for built in BBQ islands. Nor do they require a permit as long as we you don't go over 6 feet in height. They do however require permits, plans, structural drawing for arbors over 120 Sq ft. So now that I know the rules and regulations, I can finally begin to design the island.
  8. Your not pissing on my parade in any way. I completely understand what you are saying. I will say that our gas line for the BQQ is on our permitted plans for the pool. So essentially the gas line is permitted. In this case since the gas line is already part of our permit, would I still need a permit for the island?
  9. We are pulling permits (for the pool) but no, not for the BBQ. We had a meeting with out GC tonight who gave the same recommendation. Call this city. I wasn't aware that was possible. But I still may end ignoring the rules and move it the entire thing to within 2 feet of the fence. That gives me more room for fun.
  10. Alan, thanks a lot. I will check out another HD near by. Think we have finally decided on the Weber S-660. Now I can actually finish my layout. I also think we are just going to forget code and put the BBQ as close to the fence (prob within a foot or two) as this gives me the most room.
  11. Alan, Thanks for the elec info. I was just at my local HD and they don't have the blue stuff. Here they have gray. But I am sure it is the same. Is that blue stuff considered water proof? Do you really need something water proof assuming it will be enclosed in the island?
  12. So a friend of mine turned me onto this forum about a year ago. I have been lurking around trying to learn as much as I can. I am currently in the midst of putting a pool, hot tub, and gas fire pit in my back yard. I have been planning out my BBQ build for sometime learning from what others are doing. My biggest question I have right now, as it really will effect the size of my build, is how close am I legally allowed to build my island to a fence. My BBQ will butt up to the fence (wood) so I want to go as close as I can legally, but without causing any sort of fire hazards. I live in the bay area, Calif. Questions: 1) Does anyone know of a recent review of BBQ's in the $1500-2500 range? The most recent one I can find is from 2008. 2) I see people using some bendable blue piping for running wires. Where do they get this and what is it called? Thanks in advance for anyones assistance. Robert Pics of my sketchup design coming soon.