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  1. dwost

    Forum Closing

    Wow, that is some sad news Don but totally understand. While I'm not nearly as active as I used to be, I still love stopping in to see what everyone is up to and how they are progressing with their projects and great BBQ! I wish you the best and sincere thanks to ALL the great people who made this forum so amazing!!! Cheers, Don Wostmann
  2. dwost

    Some updates and photos

    Very nice!! Looking great as usual. I too did the exact same thing years ago on my JA with the "no flare squares" They worked well but I found with the amount of heat my burners were putting out (it was modded) they simply would turn into dust after a full season of grilling. It became a huge mess to clean up all the pieces, replace the lower grate to hold them, and all new bricks. I went back to using the standard tamers but I echo your finding as it created a very nice, even heat and help with flareups. Overall a great mod if you don't mind some upkeep.
  3. dwost


    Give GrillServices a call and see if they can get it. There is also a sale running on replacement parts. http://www.grillservices.com/contact-us/ I did a quick search and only found a couple sites that had them at the price you mentioned but calling Nexgrill directly may be your best bet.
  4. dwost

    Any thoughts on a Kitchenaid grill?

    Hi Carolyn, The grill you are referring to is made by Nexgrill. http://www.shopnexgrill.com/ They OEM most grills for the large box retailers under various names. If you search on my name you will see that I'm one of the first members on this forum and took a chance on purchasing a "Chinese" built grill. I've done extensive mods to it and it is still covered under a lifetime warranty and performs flawlessly. The company had CS issues at the start but they are now a reputable mfg with full support and parts availability. I'm not going to deep end on this but it's a lot of bang for the buck. My grill still has a full lifetime warranty and I typically get replacement tamers and grates annually without question and only pay shipping. Mine also has cast stainless burners which are very hard to find now. Unfortunately the new grills don't come with this extensive warranty, they are now around 3 years. After 10 years of hard service mine is about worn out. If I could find an exact model I'd buy it again but that is doubtful. I may pick up one of the Sam's Club models and give it a shot. I'm only hoping to get a few years out if it until I finish the outdoor kitchen and then will upgrade to a Lynx or similar. Don't get me wrong, there are many grills that will outperform it but not at that price point.
  5. dwost

    Jenn-Air Mods and Pictures

    I agree, however, I've experimented a lot with the screw and on the cast burners it makes no difference whether it's there or not.
  6. dwost

    Jenn-Air Mods and Pictures

    Welcome to the forums! It's the screw located on the side of the cast burners. I'm not sure if your burners have this or not. It really doesn't do anything as I've found out over the years. Mine are totally removed at this point.
  7. One of the Source's best and longest contributers! A veteran with great knowledge, superior grilling skills, innovative input and a warm tolerance for those less talented! Thanks for being here!

  8. dwost

    720-0061LP Brass Burners Cooked?

    Nice to hear you are back in business! Man, after looking through these pics I must be one of the fortunate ones. I (like Bluesin) am going on year #3 and my burners look/work great. I too was able to persuade them into sending me the cast SS ones after I went through 2 sets of brass from the original warping issues in 2004/2005. Mine clean up great after hitting them with a power washer. The channel has never closed and I have absolutely NO scaling. The grates on the other hand did need replacing after about 2 years of heavy use. I've received a set and have another one on order for backup. Everything else is holding up great. The only other item that I've noticed corrosion is the piece that holds the igniter to the valve. One of mine has broken but I was able to secure it with some SS wire. They still start up fine but they will need to be replaced in the nearterm. I can't complain, 5th year of hard grilling without replacement.
  9. dwost

    Jenn-Air Mods and Pictures

    No doubt, I have to agree Eric I'm sure they cruise the boards. I belong to several other forums as well for other interests of mine and I know for a fact that many of the mfg have people that are on the site. Some are active, asking questions, request feedback, etc... and others are silent parnters monitoring the content. I do hope that we have helped them improve on their design and will continue to do so. I know there were a couple of folks from Nexgrill that were active members on "the grilling web" but that site has really slowed down since many have ended up on here Gotta love it, keep up the great work folks, we may have some free grills coming our way!!! LOL Don
  10. dwost

    Jenn-Air Mods and Pictures

    Thanks for the kind words. I have to take my hat off to several others on here as well as they have come up with some great designs. Through this community hopefully the OEM's will take note and adjust their designs. Wouldn't it be nice if they gave us some test models to use and report back the findings THAT would be much better than a patent!! LOL Thanks again and I'm glad this helped you out. Don
  11. dwost

    jenn air (Lowes) vs Ducane (home depot)

    Totally agree, I do the same. Throw in a few chunks when doing burgers, chicken and steak give it that good "outdoorsy" flavor
  12. dwost

    jenn air (Lowes) vs Ducane (home depot)

    Hey Redman, Welcome to the forums and the JA family!! As for the flavor, unfortunately that is the downfall of the gas grill. There are a couple items, however, that should help you out. First off, you grill will get "seasoned" after several cookings and the drippings get splattered over all the parts. Many feel the need to clean their grill frequently. I personally don't clean it much at all. I do scrape the big debris off but leave the other stuff on there as it will help with flavor. I'd also recommend doing the "smoker box" mod and begin trying different flavors of wood. Do a search and you will find the post with pics on how do build one. It simply lays right over one of your burners and you can use the flame tamer to cover it up. It works beautifully. These combinations should help you achieve that flavor you seek. Realistically there is no replacement for charcoal, but then again there is the convienience factor and the ability to closely reproduce those flavors. Let us know if we can help further. Don
  13. dwost

    Jenn-Air Mods and Pictures

    All you do is unscrew the regulator hose where it connects to the grill. You then hook the gas line from the house directly to the grill. You can buy a hookup kit at lowes for a water heater or stove that should do the trick. I think it ran about $20 bucks and was a 1/2" flexible SS line with all the connectors included. Keep in mind this is only for natural gas, NOT for LP. The NG is regulated at the house so there is no need for the regulator at the grill. Don
  14. dwost

    Jenn-Air Mods and Pictures

    Hey Smoky, glad I could help!! Yeah, that storage is key in keeping things neat and out of the way. As for your question on the "template" i'm not sure I understand what you need? Are you referring to the template that I used for the divider mod? If so, that was posted by bluesin on his mod post. Let me know if that is what you were looking for. Don
  15. dwost

    Jenn-Air Mods and Pictures

    Thanks Smoky, As for the eye bolts I think they were about 2" long or maybe 3" I wanted them to stick out far enought to clear the back with the forks attached. This is also perfect because the cover still fits over it As for the divider, I couldn't find stainless so I simply used a sheet of that 18ga welding steel from Lowe's. I thik it ran about 8 bucks or so. If I recall it was the 6x18" piece that I cut down. If you look at bluesin's post, that is the exact design I used. He even was nice enough to give us a template!! It's dark now so I'll try and get you a pic of mine tomorrow. Don