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  1. Well, I got the idea to add a griddle and smoker to my island so I needed to make it larger. In doing so, I decided I wanted to go to a thin brick facing over the hardibacker. Problem I am having is that the thin bricks are not adhearing to the hardibacker like I would like. For example, portions of the rear of the island seem to be having trouble bonding the brick to the hardi. They stick at first but then after some time, fall off. I am using 1/4" hardibacker (on the vertical surfaces) which might be part of the problem in that it flexes ever so slightly and might be breaking the mortar bond. For mortar, I am using Quickrete mason mix type S mortar. I am buttering the back of the brick and pressing it onto the hardi. Some sections have stuck quite well while others have struggled to bond. I called James Hardi and asked if they had any suggestions however they said it should work fine given the materials used. I asked if a metal lathe should be installed over the hardi and the response was no, never install metal lathe over hardi. Not sure why. Also, I am not using a scratch coat but perhaps this would help. Any suggestions to get these thin bricks to bond nice and strong? Thanks! Brian