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  1. Weber E320 Repair

    I have searched allparts before but came across ereplacement tonight, http://www.ereplacementparts.com/weber-parts-c-193079.html - i was surprised to see they sell knobs and wiring i havent come across at other sites, its been a while since i searched for parts, my grill isn't old to merit a parts search. Any searches prior to sandy were more out of curiosity to see what was available, i.e. i wanted to purchase legs from the summit grill center for my e-670.
  2. e-670 post sandy

    Its been a while since i looked for parts, but came across http://www.ereplacementparts.com/weber-7471001-2010-summit-670-gas-grill-parts-c-193079_193087_193674.html and see they may have some or all of the items i need, wil browse around.
  3. e-670 post sandy

    on a side note, recently i noticed consistant flame issues, and was concerned about things corroding out but realized it was the tank that was in my shed, it was leaking. I took all my tanks to a local blue rhino vendor who gladly took my tanks for exchange without any fees being that they all need to be repaired or destroyed.
  4. e-670 post sandy

    After Hurricane sandy hit my grill was actually a concern even with all the damage to my house, it was a large investment for me flood insurance policy doesn't cover contents. I rinsed it with freshwater, but it was clear some of the bells and whistles would suffer, i was able to grill all winter and recently took it all apart and cleaned all the components. Since the grill is mostly SS it still performs like a champ. Is weber my only option for parts? I need to replace the lighted handle components, the push button on the left front and the d battery compartment are completely ruined, im fortunate the water rose above the whole grill, the rubber on the push button was melted and clearly shorted out and was on fire, while im confident the rubber would have burnt out before catching anything that would burn down my house it was unsettling when inspecting the wires and components, salt water wreaks havocs on all electronics. The doors are not a priority but I would like to replace them, the magnets are all rotted out, the interior of the grill is in good shape considering the abuse it took, i would actually like to see if weber would sell me stationary legs and get rid of the legs. Its mainly cosmetic items but would love to be able to bring it back to all its glory, i came across a few weber parts sites, was able to find doors and exterior parts but not the lighted handle components or wheel/legs. Any sites would be greatly appreciated, i plan to email weber ro contact a local weber dealer but was hoping to save some money by shopping online. Ill post some pics of the items in question to show how a grill holds up after complete submersion in salt water. Thanks
  5. Steak and potatoes

    New to the forum, figured i would toss up an old video i took on my previous grill, it was a little target aussie grill and my in-laws. Enjoy the show! looking forward to sharing many more as i break in my new weber!