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  1. Decent Quality Tools

    I'm looking for a few decent quality, stainless BBQ tools. A good long handled spatula, fork and tongs that won't pit or rust. I have one combo tool, tong/spatula that is great. The others you can barely read the words Stainless Steel through the pitting and rust. The grill sits on our deck about 75 yards from the NJ back Bay area so it's a tough environment. Any ideas?
  2. Called An Audible This Morning

    Excellent work Sir!
  3. Tile for countertop?

    It might be a bit more work than tile but you might want to look into concrete counter tops. I do believe you can buy kits with color to suit many tastes. Will likely last forever. https://youtu.be/9866dmfJxUU
  4. The end of Weber?

    Fortunately, I believe anyway...and it's not just wishful thinking,parts for the more recent traditional Weber models will be readily available. Big box stores, eBay, Amazon.com, etc... My interest as a potential new consumer down the line, is zero based on pictures, price and intel. But one door closes and another one opens. So it will be cool to see how the competition steps up their game. Had my eye on a used Napolean last spring for our beach house. Seemed complicated to convert it to NG so I took the easy way out with a stainless Spirit...Craigslist of course. But there are other brands out there that are very decent including Huntington and Broilking...Onward Manufacturing. ..as some here have stated. Plus it will be interesting to see what President Trump's influence on made in America by Americans will have going forward. Weber had a good long run. The best ones are probably used or older inventory now.
  5. The end of Weber?

    Weber-Stephens sold a majority stake in 2010 to BDT Holdings, an investment company. There have been zero other ownership changes since then so your buddy's info. is off. They still have the same CEO as well. They have moved their corporate headquarters a few miles to a new building but that's it. They have come out with a new line of grills for 2017. Ace Hardware has started showcasing them. Might be a pre-order arrangement, of that I am not sure. Looking at the pictures, looks like you get a lot less for your money than the up-2016 models. They are calling it/them Genesis II:http://www.homedepot.com/p/Weber-Genesis-II-E-410-4-Burner-Propane-Gas-Grill-in-Crimson-62030001/300167546?cm_mmc=SEM|THD|google|&mid=sQL2OMXc2|dt_mtid_890338a25189_pcrid_50058232181_pkw__pmt__product_300167546_slid_&gclid=CjwKEAiAmo_CBRC9qbGQssjqi28SJABYTgZxSYCh5ZHk_L3n-VklkVzGUJhNImbImWN30ieBsRp6oxoC1B7w_wcB I for one like a cabinet unserneath...even for my NG stainless Spirit. You can store stuff under there and it's a better look. Plus it remains to be seen if the new design is an improvement or change for the sake of change. They look like high priced cheap China grills with Weber color schemes and monikers.Looks like a shift of strategy perhaps towards accessories too. iPhone app wireless thermometers and the like. My main concern would be parts availability of the more established models going forward.
  6. Boy is this place dead :-(

    When you insult or speak down to a newcomer, they don't return for more and they will seek a more friendly environment. They don't think," well gee, I' don't feel welcome in the Grills and Smokers or General BBQ Discussion Forum so I think I'll chat it up in the General Discussion forum." What they do is leave and never come back and it effects every single forum on this site. Perhaps you have not ridiculed others for their purchases but clearly there are others here who have...we all know who they are. They should have been warned or otherwise addressed and booted after the second incident. It's like an eight track tape playing: A newcomer posts that they have $XXX.00 to spend on a new grill and the response from the brain trust is always:"Save more money up and buy a Weber. The grill you are looking at is garbage." Who are they? Let's be honest here: 1.Ronald 2. underthehood...but is starting to see the light 3.Richlife 4.Tubbys Smoke House A shout out of thanks to that crew for their efforts and welcoming ways.
  7. Boy is this place dead :-(

    Most who posted seem so surprised at the inactivity except for Chris B who nailed it for the exact cause. Is it really that much of a mystery? Do you really think new folks will dash to return when they are scolded or told they are morons because they didn't buy a Weber by the usual suspects? Guess what. Turns out Weber is not the best choice...in fact it never was for many people. Now it's overpriced schlock as two of you guys were honest enough to point out. How many potentially great contributors were turned off by the Weber fanboi crew...again, the usual suspects. And who here ever put them in their place? If it's dead now,news flash...it's not getting any livelier in the weeks or months to come. Grilling season for the average Joe is coming to a close. Retailers start to clearance grills from Labor Day on...except of course for price fixed shitty Webers.
  8. I can't speak for Grand Halls quality leave now, but I owned one about 10 years ago that bought at Sams. I cooked well enough and GH cust service was very good. But the grill became a rust bucket in short order.CI burners don't cut it in the Mid-Atlntic region.
  9. Just an observation

    You summed it up with more diplomacy than me. Thanks. I understand that folks do not want to recommend something they have not owned or used but the flip side fact of that is you should shut your mouth and not bad mouth those products for the same reason. A Char-Broil is not a Weber but to someone that owns one it cooks a great tasting burger and the purchase was their decision and they deserve more respect then is doled out here.
  10. Just an observation

    Ducane is no longer an option. Weber pulled the plug on them in April. It remains to be seen if they ever revive the name again. I doubt it. They were probably cannibalizing the Spirit line.
  11. Just an observation

    I agree with this 100%.
  12. Just an observation

    Didn't take much for the usual suspects to rally and circle the wagons. Knuckleheads the lot of you. You just don't get it.
  13. Just an observation

    You guys don't get it and its evident to me yo never will. The last 3-4 posts demonstrate that . Weber, Weber, Weber. Oh well. I rest my case and give up with all of you...the usual suspects.
  14. Just an observation

    You must be right. It's me driving the interest and post count down. I should've bought a Weber instead of that Ducane.