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  1. Need help to source 4 bolts

    I was slow to respond due to the hurricane. My avatar and sig is my grill, E-330, so the burners are on the front The correct bolt size is 12-24 x 1/2" for anyone needing them in the future. Nobody local carried hex head, they only carried phillips & flat head which are worthless for this application. I ended up having to buy some stainless ones online.
  2. Need help to source 4 bolts

    Your post couldn't be more wrong. I tried to remove them because Weber's own instructions stated to do so. And lucky...for what? The CS rep didn't even hesitate to send me a new cook box once I explain what had happened. I was on / off the phone in less than 2 mins. And no, the screws aren't common at all...
  3. Need help to source 4 bolts

    I recently was cleaning my E-330 and noticed that 3 of my gas tubes had rust holes towards the ends. It was covered under Webers warranty but when trying to remove the bolts 2 of the threads that are casted into the cook top snapped off. (see arrow below) Weber sent me out a new cook box and I bought some food safe anti-seize to use and I wanted to use SS bolts too but I can't find the correct thread size? I went to ACE and the closest size was M6 but it was too loose. I called Weber and asked several reps but all they were able to find out was that it had a 5/16 head. Does anyone know the correct size thread / thread pitch to use? Thanks for any help! Weber's bolt on the left / M6 on the right Weber's Part Number
  4. Pre-Labor Day cookout

    Did I tell yall that I love my Weber??? Only fresh ground peppercorn this time The flavorizer bars are glowing red hot! My daughter found some pink salt at the store. Salt added. Filet, baked potato and some buttermilk onion strings And key lime pie for desert That's all she wrote......
  5. Really Digging the Sear Station

    Thanks. I just ordered a set.
  6. Really Digging the Sear Station

    I showed cbow's pictures to my wife and I swear my mouth literally started to water like crazy after seeing the plated pictures. My daughter started laughing at me because we just ate 1 1/2" NY strips about an hour and a half ago. Chris, what are those red and black things you're using to put the chops on...lids?
  7. Pre-Labor Day cookout

    We just couldn't wait until tomorrow. So today was steaks and tomorrow burgers. 1 1/2" NY strips and 1" filets Olive oil, sea salt and fresh ground black peppercorn Strips resting Filets resting The filet melted in my mouth Hope everyone has a great labor day. Happy grillin'!
  8. My parents' Spirit S-320 kicks butt!

    That looks delicious!!