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  1. RCsWeber

    Need help to source 4 bolts

    I was slow to respond due to the hurricane. My avatar and sig is my grill, E-330, so the burners are on the front The correct bolt size is 12-24 x 1/2" for anyone needing them in the future. Nobody local carried hex head, they only carried phillips & flat head which are worthless for this application. I ended up having to buy some stainless ones online.
  2. RCsWeber

    Need help to source 4 bolts

    Your post couldn't be more wrong. I tried to remove them because Weber's own instructions stated to do so. And lucky...for what? The CS rep didn't even hesitate to send me a new cook box once I explain what had happened. I was on / off the phone in less than 2 mins. And no, the screws aren't common at all...
  3. RCsWeber

    Need help to source 4 bolts

    I recently was cleaning my E-330 and noticed that 3 of my gas tubes had rust holes towards the ends. It was covered under Webers warranty but when trying to remove the bolts 2 of the threads that are casted into the cook top snapped off. (see arrow below) Weber sent me out a new cook box and I bought some food safe anti-seize to use and I wanted to use SS bolts too but I can't find the correct thread size? I went to ACE and the closest size was M6 but it was too loose. I called Weber and asked several reps but all they were able to find out was that it had a 5/16 head. Does anyone know the correct size thread / thread pitch to use? Thanks for any help! Weber's bolt on the left / M6 on the right Weber's Part Number