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  1. Adding Ceramic IR Burner to Weber Genesis?

    Hell, I wonder how modular the interface is with the way burners mount up to various grills. If the "plug and play" aspect is the same then I wonder if something like this would just plug into the plate. I'm not opposed to making some light modifications to support the burner if needed... hrm... May need to take a look at the Genesis today and see how the burners mount up. I didn't assemble mine so I have no idea with out going in there and taking a look.
  2. Looking at something like this, the Charmglow IR sear burner: and I was wondering if anything like that bolted directly up to the Weber Genesis or if it's the type of thing that had to be added next to it in an island? Are there any IR burners that could be added (say, in place of the far right (side) burner or sear station burner)? I'm actually pretty happy with the searing/heating ability of the sear station, but it's in my nature to try to tinker with stuff... so color me curious
  3. Garden Predator

    Very cool video!