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    Things I like and have interest in are: Grilling with my Jen-air 720-0061-LP grill. Smoking all types of meat on my Great Outdoors LP smoker unit for family and friends. I like working on and flying aircraft, fixed wing and rotor wing. The best dog for me is a Doberman.<br /><br />I have fun here, at the BBQ Source Forums with all the great grilling, smoking and cooking, plus all the great people.

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  1. EricD and his huge presence here on the forums are sorely missed. I see now that two others (hike and goat) who professed admiration for him have also gone the way of the past. Miss all you guys! Hope to see you back someday!

  2. EricD has been truely missed on this forum. I hope things are going well with him and his family.

  3. I very much value Eric Ds input and facilitation! He has a way of making new members feel welcome and he also knows a thing or two about grillin'

  4. Valued member. Enjoy your writings! Thanks for helping out!

  5. Great person and asset to the BBQ Source Forum! Top Notch!

  6. Great person and asset to the BBQ Source Forum! Top Notch!

  7. Thanks for being a great West Coast grilling helper!

  8. Thanks Don for making this website happen!

  9. The guy that keeps this website ticking! Thanks Bluesin!

  10. Eric D

    Sear Burner Drop-in Ready to Go!

    Takeahike, All we can do here in Michigan right now is dream about grilling! Yesterday morning the temp was -8°F, and this morning it warmed all the way up to -6°F.. The past two days the schools have been closed around here. When I have a free moment I plan on checking it out at the store as well. I have not seen it in person. I would like to see if I can replace my side burner with it. Eric D
  11. Hey guys, if you like to modify your grill to add a new side mount sear burner, checkout this new unit you can pick up from Home Depot. Perfect compliment to your custom outdoor kitchen, this 14,000 BTUs white ceramic sear burner allows you to sear your favorite meats. Easy onetouch electronic igniter. Durable stainless steel construction to last for years. Designed to fit openings. Charmglow Stainless Steel Drop In Sear Burner Natural Gas Model 814-6805-N Price: $175.00/ea Stainless Steel Drop In Sear Burner LP Model 814-6805-0 Price: $168.00/ea I'm going to go check this out when I can find sometime. It might just be the ticket for my old three burner Jenn Air. This picture is a standard gas burner that they make as well.
  12. Eric D

    Jenn-Air Mods and Pictures

    Thanks for the feed back. If my friend has something other then what I can use I'll order from Online Metals too. Eric D
  13. Eric D

    Jenn-Air Mods and Pictures

    Thanks for the link. I might end up purchasing from Online Metals if I can't find any other source close by. I need to check with a friend of mine that works in a steel slitting company. They cut the big rolls of steel into thinner rolls for production type companies. He offered to supply some left over piece a few years back, I'll have to see if he still has some. Thanks again, Eric D
  14. Eric D

    Jenn-Air Mods and Pictures

    Takeahike, Have you found a good place to purchase the sheet stainless to use for building a shelf? I've check a few places around by me, but have not found a source. What is the going price on sheet stainless? Eric D
  15. Eric D

    Jenn-Air Mods and Pictures

    Hey Don! Sign me up for that type of deal! Great idea and I really believe that the grill manufactures read the stuff from this sit. I look at my early 2004 model and the ones currently in Lowes and I see a lot of changes that started as mods right here on this website. For example the inferred searing unit, the complaint of not enough heat and the addtion of dividers. The new units have double wall hoods which I'm sure they did to improve heat retention. Also they increased the size of the inferred unit for the rotisserie from the one that came with my unit. My grills IR unit never had enough heat for doing much of anything other then a little help with the main burnners that have to be on for rotisserie cooking. Almost makes me want to sell my unit and buy a newer model. I'm glad to see they keep improving on a great grill. Eric D