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  1. Hi

    What program is everyone using for the drawings? Also, Hi Jabooh, did you buy a steel frame kit or build it yourself. Where do I get plans? Also interested in learning where did you buy the components?



  2. Steel doors with 4" chopped stone?

    Look my build thread up. It has nice pics.
  3. built in grills

    I have had my blaze for over a year and it still works great. No rust, no broken parts, still hot, etc. Seems like that site put down outsourcing. I buy American where it makes sense. If everything was made here things would be so expensive that even the people making them couldn't afford them. That is the problem of outsourcing that no one talks about.
  4. New Build in Houston TX

    Ah one more tip. I used an 18V recipricating saw with the blade removed as underneath the hardi to help force air bubbles out. Since I have the silicone mold (really suggest you do this it looks awesome) I went down the edges as well. This also helps work the aggregate down and 'cream' up so that when you sand it you don't expose rock (unless you want that look). I think I only sanded with 400 and 600. I used less than 1/3 pad each. Got them from the same place I got the edge and stain from. If you have an overhang more than 6-8" I would think about putting 1x2 under it to help support. My did start bowing with the weight of the concrete in on corner. And don't start smoothing too soon. Get the nicest tools you can for smoothing the concrete to get the perfect finish. I probably waited almost an hour till I smoothed mine. The good thing is, if you don't like it your only out the cost of the concrete and you can start over. Good luck!!
  5. New Build in Houston TX

    The IR is very nice. It gets noticeably hotter than conventional burners. However it sits quite far back. The front 1/3 of the grill isn't above the IR burner. I do have the rotisserie as well. It is nice. I would get a second set of prongs though as mine is long enough to do multiple birds so yours should definitely be. I get some seepage through the rocks and hardie under severe storms. I do get seepage under the flange of the grills, but I put a small bead of high temp silicon down then set them in it. That and the drain pan modification keep 99% of water out. There is some from the doors. I extended the hardi out the distance of the counter overhang + silicon edge + 1x2 boarder. Before I put the edge and boarder on I lined the overhang with clear packing tape so the concrete wouldn't stick. After the concrete dried I simply removed the boarder, edge, and used a razor blade to cut the hardi like normal. Very easy. It cuts just like normal. I wasn't going for a very clean cut as I rocked up to the concrete and the hardi edge is hidden. Let me know if i can help in any other way!! Paul
  6. Just replied to you PM. Also I would consider doing a few things. 1) Build the island out of cardboard to scale. This will help give you the feel. 2) Think about the 32" hard and make it 12" and 32". One bigger area has worked better for me. 3) Take your favorite or largest cutting board / cookie sheet / or whatever you use measure it and make sure it fits on the sides of your grill. You don't want it to not fit. And you need area for grilling tools as well.
  7. New Build in Houston TX

    So it's been 8 months and I have smoked/grilled hundreds of pounds of meat for days and days. Figured I would add a few comments since I have been using it. I really like the Blaze Grill and Primo smoker!! Only melted the primo gasket once when it hit 950*!! Couple of things I modified: Drilled holes in the drip pans to add a drain via 1/2" poly Tubing to one of the lower vents Purchased the IR burner for the Blaze Things I would do different: I would add pull out drawers or shelves to at least one of the doors Place the low voltage transformer on the inside Add a layer of waterproofing on the hardibacker Things that kinda don't work: The side burner doesn't work as well as the stove inside. I guess with the wind it doesn't get hot enough. Things I love: Having all the low voltage lights Multiple outlets A huge space between the grills for prep
  8. If you are framing with metal studs, just build on site and progressively make the studs longer. Build it so the top is level.
  9. Blaze doors and drawers

    I have the gass grill. It is of good construction. Also I have the BBQ Guys Kensington doors. Blaze is the house brand of BBQ Guys. The doors are good as well.
  10. New Build in Houston TX

    Thanks! I have cooked on it quite a few times now. Brisket and ribs in the smoker and burgers, dogs, steaks on the gas. Did a BBQ for 30 people on Memorial Day. Turned out great. I like having the large lay down area between the grills. One thing I would do different (can still do it) is add roll out shelving behind the doors. Open the double door and slide out a shelf. Would keep me from getting down and hunting for stuff. I might work on that this winter as it is really hot right now.
  11. Bleh5, The sketch looks good. I did the same basic type of drawing you did when I started mine. One thing that jumped right out is that it doesn't look like you have a lot of laydown area for tools/cutting boards/meat/etc. When I did my planning, I started with a drawing (like you have) then went outside a roughly did the layout using cardboard boxes. I then took the cutting board I transfer meat on and placed it all over. I realized quickly at it wouldn't fit anywhere. I then adjusted and am happy I did. 7"-8" between everything (can't tell what you actually have) doesn't help. Move things to the edges and create you a large area in between the gas and WSM.
  12. With that ground preparation, if you did do concrete it would probably have the same potential for uneven settling. I don't know ND soil so I could be wrong.
  13. I don't know the permeability of airstone, but I used thin limestone veneer on my 1/4" hardi and applied with construction adhesive only. No leaking issues.
  14. Sorry man. When I acid stained my concrete I removed all the stainless completely. Small amount of work for insurance.
  15. Hey Jabooh, I've been following your build and wanted to ask how were you able to get such a great deal on the grill, double burner and doors? Ive tried adding all that up at bbqguys.com and wasnt able to get close to that price. Great job