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    Family, friends, cooking, grilling and civil war reenacting.<br />Buffalo Bills, Buffalo Sabres, Marshall Thundering Herd and WVU Mountaineers
  1. Lonesome around here. Sure miss the old crowd..

    Hope life is treating you well!

  2. E-450 Temp Problem Solved

    Mike ... My wife bought me a silicone grill glove, and I keep it in my grill drawer. It looks like this ... [mine is red] I use it to grab the the hot rotisserie spit/forks, lift/move grates, grab meat, pick up my smoke cans ... essentially grab anything hot. It is really nice when using the smoker. The nice thing ... they don't get wet, and if they get dirt, grease, carbon black on them ... you throw it in the dishwasher to clean it. I think she got it at target for under $15. BG in WV
  3. osmosis with steaks

    Huck ... Have to admit I've never seen Tombstone!! BG in WV
  4. American Cooking Equipment

    Jinggle ... I'm with HB ... does he have a website, or do you have more information/specs? BG in WV
  5. a source of infinite knowledge on some of the most asoteric aspects of grilling LOL. An invaluable members with a willingness to help

  6. Anyone tried this to sear a steak?

    mdublu ... I would think you could reach 500F by placing the skillet directly on the grate ... BTW ... Welcome to the forum! BG in WV
  7. You make me laugh ... you help make this forum the member friendly place where we can enjoy each others company ... exchange ideas ... and improve our grilling and smoking skills.

  8. Just got an OEM Brinkmann Charmglow at Home Depot.

    PhilBiker ... Congratulations on the new Charmglow Grill! Was your grill made by Brinkmann or NexGrill? The Charmglow name was bought by Home Depot in 2005, and both Brinkmann and NexGrill have made grills under this name. Check on the grill nameplate [may be inside the door] ... it should state the manufacturer. I think that for $258 you got a great deal! Cover, clean and maintain it and it should easily last you 5 years ... may be many more. Don't sell the rotisserie short ... once you rotisserie a chicken, or roast ... you'll be hooked! BIG WOW FACTOR! Be careful caring for the porcelain coated grates ... don't use a steel brush or scraper ... you can damage the porcelain and promote rusting of the iron under the porcelain. Use a brass brush ... the hot grate/water dipped brass brush technique should work well. Same advice for the flame tamers IF they are porcelain covered also. What is the warranty like? Post picture and let us know how well it works out! BG in WV
  9. osmosis with steaks

    Bluesin ... Yeh ... blame it on the wife! The salting technique is very similar to a Brasilian Churrasco ... I posted on this back in June ... http://www.bbqsource-forums.com/invboard/i...ost&p=12084 BG in WV
  10. A great forum member and a great grill master. I have learned much from your posts and pictures!

  11. 720-0061LP Brass Burners Cooked?

    ChicagoGrill ... I'd say its time to talk to the manager at Lowe's ... after all, Lowe's is where you bought the grill and they should stand behind what they sell. nexGrill has probably out-sourced their CS function, by getting lowe's involved ... this may provide feedback to Nexgrill and alert them to the problem and custom,er dissatisfaction. BG in WV
  12. Found this site

    Napa ... I'd go with a nice Spanish Rioja ... Mastadon can be a bit "gamie". BG in WV
  13. Billy Goat: You are one of our most invaluable members - we are blessed to have your knowledge, experience, tales and wit enthrall us daily! Thanks for all you do here! Cuskit

  14. 720-0061LP Brass Burners Cooked?

    Mike ... I just registered my JA on-line at www.nexgrill.com ... BG in WV
  15. 720-0061LP Brass Burners Cooked?

    Bill ... There was a burner design flaw in the '05 Jenn Air's [they would warp] ... and it was corrected in the '06 models. They will send you the newer '06 burners. BG in WV