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  1. bluesin

    Busy Week

    I assume that means Chuck Roast? How did ti turn out?
  2. bluesin

    What's Cooking

    Social media just killed community forums everywhere. And now participation in social media appears to be rapidly declining so I really have no idea where all of this is headed. I wonder how much the younger <40 age group is into grilling and BBQing as well...
  3. We had some snow, and it did get rather cold for about 3 weeks, but besides that pretty mild down here in Ga...
  4. Hey Mike, hope all is well. I'm here. Hoping that we can kick this off again this spring and summer and get the BBQ band back together. Lets do this! On a positive note, at least this software is Russian Proof:>)
  5. bluesin

    Jenn Air BBQ grill wont get hot

    500 degrees is pretty damn hot. If it is one of the stainless ones then there is a lot of metal that conducts heat, but if it really is getting to 500 then that should cook anything you want quite well...
  6. bluesin

    New member, greeting from Alabama

    Welcome to the BBQ Source Forums. I'm Dave and I live in the Metro Atlanta area...
  7. bluesin

    Decent Quality Tools

    Hard to know anymore because so many products are not 304 stainless. I've had good luck with Camp Chef products over the years, here is the link to their tool catalog... https://www.campchef.com/accessories/cooking-utensils-kits.html