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    Busy Week

    I assume that means Chuck Roast? How did ti turn out?
  2. bluesin

    What's Cooking

    Social media just killed community forums everywhere. And now participation in social media appears to be rapidly declining so I really have no idea where all of this is headed. I wonder how much the younger <40 age group is into grilling and BBQing as well...
  3. We had some snow, and it did get rather cold for about 3 weeks, but besides that pretty mild down here in Ga...
  4. Hey Mike, hope all is well. I'm here. Hoping that we can kick this off again this spring and summer and get the BBQ band back together. Lets do this! On a positive note, at least this software is Russian Proof:>)
  5. bluesin

    Jenn Air BBQ grill wont get hot

    500 degrees is pretty damn hot. If it is one of the stainless ones then there is a lot of metal that conducts heat, but if it really is getting to 500 then that should cook anything you want quite well...
  6. bluesin

    New member, greeting from Alabama

    Welcome to the BBQ Source Forums. I'm Dave and I live in the Metro Atlanta area...
  7. bluesin

    Decent Quality Tools

    Hard to know anymore because so many products are not 304 stainless. I've had good luck with Camp Chef products over the years, here is the link to their tool catalog... https://www.campchef.com/accessories/cooking-utensils-kits.html
  8. bluesin

    DOes anyone know anything about this?

    Wow, sounds like he is lucky to not have burned his house down...
  9. bluesin

    DOes anyone know anything about this?

    I don't know anything at all, perhaps call Viking? https://www.vikingrange.com/consumer/category/customer-support?
  10. bluesin

    Kabobs anyone?

    LOL, for some reason I think that there are some here that have done this!
  11. bluesin

    New Guy

    Welcome to the BBQ Source Forums. I had a 4 burner model just like that, ended up scrapping the grill section and making an outdoor cart out of the rest that I gave to a friend. I loved it but the 4 burner was just a huge heat sink and was very hard to get hot and keep it that way...
  12. bluesin

    Smoked chicken: to oil or not to oil?

    Good point on the skin there, I always use a high heat smoke on chicken, I usually go 325-350...
  13. bluesin

    Smoked chicken: to oil or not to oil?

    What kind of smoker are you using? I've been smoking meats for 30 or so years and have never used oil on anything. Also, what kind of chicken are you using and what temp?
  14. bluesin

    Major Site Rework

    Hey Folks, Just a heads up that we want to see about bringing this site back from the near dead. I have been doing lots of site cleanup and reorganization as well as a significant upgrade and new themes. If anyone has any issues or questions then please let us know... Dave
  15. bluesin

    Weber genesis gold B NG to LP

    Will a kit such as this not work? https://www.walmart.com/ip/Natural-Gas-Conversion-Kit/44807304?wmlspartner=wlpa&selectedSellerId=984&adid=22222222227039373504&wl0=&wl1=g&wl2=c&wl3=92171898377&wl4=pla-183828834737&wl5=9010782&wl6=&wl7=&wl8=&wl9=pla&wl10=8453308&wl11=online&wl12=44807304&wl13=&veh=sem I'm a charcoal guy so the question of how to switch from charcoal briquettes to wood charcoal is just a matter of simply changing it! Dave
  16. bluesin

    Broil King Regal 490 Pro

    Hi Alloy, Welcome to the BBQ Source Forums. I don't see a problem there at all. Lots of burners have different sized holes at the beginning and end to add a bit of extra heat to even temps at the front and back. Dave
  17. bluesin

    Major Site Rework

    Totally open to suggestion on improvements, I think over time the site just got too complicated as far as different sections and forums and whatnot, especially as we lost so many manufacturers since the early 2000's when we basically launched 13 years ago after Don moved it from mindspring. Plus facebook and social media has been a killer to community based websites, something that I hope can start to be reversed as social media just becomes a medium for the human rumor mill on steroids...
  18. bluesin

    Major Site Rework

    I can make that a selectable option. I like it because it quickly filters all the posts to that section without having to actually navigate down into a forum, thus you can peruse a lot of forums very quickly. Plus being able to do multiple selections is cool as well. I can make it a user selectable option, the only issue is once it is selected you have to switch themes and back to change it back... Dave
  19. bluesin

    Major Site Rework

    So what about it doesn't make any sense anymore?
  20. bluesin


    Hi Kreas, sorry for the late reply we have been rebuilding the site for the last few weeks and are just now getting it up and running again. I'm Dave and I live in Metro Atlanta...
  21. Sorry I missed this Agglomerator, looks great, so how is it working for you now? Mine is almost 10 years old now!
  22. bluesin

    Major Site Rework

    If anyone has a pic they want me to use instead of the ones I selected from google then let me know. A nice outdoor Island would be nice as well as festival pics...
  23. bluesin

    Major Site Rework

    So at the bottom of the screen select the theme drop down and select the one that is checked here. It is set as the default one so most should see it unless they have selected a different one... Dave
  24. bluesin

    Major Site Rework

    Up at the top, my screen looks like this... Clicking it will expand the images, as I said the last three just show colors for some reasons but there are images associated with them as well if you click on them...
  25. I recently saw this at Lowes, has anyone had a chance to get one yet? http://www.bakerstonebox.com