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  1. Ronald

    Wine Tasting at it's Best

    Mike This woodwork is amazing. How do you protect the wood given the salt air that tends to discolor everything Have you ever done any work on boat
  2. Ronald

    Weber Genesis EP-320

    You may want to checkout rcplaner on eBay for SS flavor bars The blue is still looking sharp So how much action does your setup get?
  3. Ronald

    Boy is this place dead :-(

    It's not just this forum. I'm in several others and the posting is about the same. For me I'm either working or out on my boat. I still cook a lot but you can only show so much grill porn before you run out of new meals to show. Also a lot of us are still in storm damage mode. I'm still cleaning up after 11 1/2 inches of rain in less than 24 hours last week
  4. Ronald

    Boy is this place dead :-(

    Now let me make sure I have this straight. You have never met me. You don't know me Yet you somehow feel that I ridicule people. You really need to check your facts I have never personally attacked anyone , however you seem to have no problem attacking me. If you bothered to read the entire forum you would see that I have gone out of my way to help people since this site started. Speaking for myself This site was turning into tech support for some sellers with questionable practices. You have participated here for how long 2 years. Yet you want to call me out and worse of all . You are misinformed. I have been here since the beginning Have you ever stopped to think that some of the people you are talking about don't want to see people waste money When I look at a grill, I look at TCOS. (Total cost of ownership) I base everything on that. The biggest issue when buying a grill is. Are there replacement parts available. If the mfg doesn't support it , then it is a waste of money
  5. Ronald

    There was once a crooked....

    Mike What type of filtration do you use to keep the various slivers of everything from being injested?
  6. What grill did you do this too? Did you take any pictures? Where did you get the other burner from?
  7. Ronald

    Weber Genesis S330 to hot?

    There is going to be a learning curve for you. The best thing you can do is go to the bookstore/ home improvement store and buy the latest version of the Weber grill cookbook. It will walk you through how to use the grill to its full potential. The best part is there are actually pictures on most of the pages that you can follow
  8. Ronald


    Great job
  9. Ronald

    Weber - Rust?

    I live in the MidAtlantic off of the Bay I have never covered my grill and I have no rust. My grill has been in the elements 6 years Its the cover that makes grills rust because the covers never dry
  10. Ronald

    In search of a tablet

    I got an Ipad a 16 gig mini retnia yesterday The funny thing is I originally got the Note 2 so I wouldnt have to get an ipad mini. It works great for 95 percent of what I do It was that last 5 percent that made me HAVE TO get and ipad mini Android does not have an approved Outlook Webmail app that would work with my work email Buying an Ipad Mini Retnia was a no brainer for me since I can now work from home 3 or 4 days a week. Not having to commute saves me Time, Gas, Money and improves my Quality of Life My commute was 4 to 6 hours a day depending on weather conditions and traffic Not having to be in this cold the last couple of days has been a blessing A side benefit is that I am now able to use IMovie and Garageband without having to buy a MAC The Engineer in me knows that AOS and IOS are both running on top of Linux They are more alike than people think In fact the cpu's in the ipads are actually made by Samsung
  11. Ronald

    In search of a tablet

    Not trying to start a war Just asking a question I have a Samsung Galaxy note 2 phone that I love I thought it would actually take the place of a tablet. It is real close but sometimes you just need a larger screen I have an 11 inch Linux laptop that does all my heavy lifting Im looking for something to suppliment the laptop but be lighter
  12. Ronald

    What Makes A Regulator Go Bad?

    I couldnt agree more The larger the tank. The better the flow
  13. Ronald

    What Makes A Regulator Go Bad?

    What happens to the tanks is that there is a Safety built into the knob/valve. If the knob/valve is cranked to fast or to high then the safety trips. Spiders and insects also crawl in the the knob/valve on propane tanks You also run into the problem if the propane tank was not properly purged before it was refilled. It is a lot cheaper to have a tank refilled than exchanged Usually the knob/valve on the tank goes bad long before the regulator To get rid of a bad tank , just exchange it If it is a custom tank then just buy a new fitting for it If the grill is now working just keep your original regulator I use propane for three grills, two generators and the motor for my boat. I have yet to have a bad regulator , I have gone through a few knob/valves
  14. Ronald

    What Makes A Regulator Go Bad?

    You failed to mention if you were using a bulk tank or one of the 20 pound tanks. The issue you described happens once a 20 pound tank gets old or the safety trips on the tank. Every once in a great while a regulator will go bad. It was probally something in the tank thou
  15. Ronald

    1400 Degree Portable grill

    I would really like to see a manual for this grill