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  1. Mine just goes through a hole in the bracket - move the rear nut away from the tip of the thermocouple which will allow it to move further out into the burner. Then tighten the outer nut to secure it in place. I did not move the bracket or anything. In your picture, it is the larger nut that you would move away from the tip.
  2. I was having the same problem with my Nexgrill origin grill. I moved the tip of the thermocouple farther out into the burner area - may 1/4" or so - has worked fine ever since.
  3. Abeach2bum

    Buy E-310 or get E-330? BTU/Heat?

    Hi Peakay - Just a note on Lowe's free assembly. I just purchased a Char-Griller Akorn kamado style cooker that I originally was going to get from Lowes because of their free assembly. I went to the store to look and see if they had one on display. Well, they had one assembled and all I can say is what a mess! The main bowl was mounted 120 degrees off so the bottom damper and ash catching dish were behind a leg - how they got the ash catcher in I'll never know - it slides out after you unhook the latches. All the bolts appeared to have been tightened with a pair of pliers instead of a 7/16" wrench or socket - heads were all chewed up, paint scraped off them, etc. I saw that disaster, went home and promptly ordered one on Amazon - $15 cheaper and free next day delivery to my door. Yes, it did take a couple of hours to assemble, but I know it was done right. Hopefully the store you are dealing with has somebody with a brain and can read instructions
  4. Abeach2bum

    Low Flame & Blue Rhino Tanks

    I used a Blue Rhino tank one time and had nothing but trouble. It seems like the depth of where the hose connects to the valve is just a little off. The OPD tanks require a connection that depresses a check valve and allows the gas to flow. I think some Blue Rhino tanks the check valve is too deep within the valve and it does not open fully when a connection is made. I have my own tanks and have them refilled at the corner Shell station ($1.99/gal) and now have no problems.
  5. Abeach2bum

    Wood Fired Pizza

    This looks interesting!? http://www.kettlepizza.com/Default.asp
  6. Abeach2bum

    regulator specs for Jenn-Air 730-0165

    It didn't come with a regulator because you probably don't need one. If you are hooking it up to a supply line from inside your house, it is already regulated down to 7" or so WC.
  7. Abeach2bum

    Need gas valve for 720-0163 - Help!

    You can disassemble the valve, clean up the internals, then use gas valve lubricant on the shaft. Should be like new after that.
  8. Abeach2bum

    Spares, trimmed and juicy

    They look great!
  9. Abeach2bum

    Swiss Grills

    This dealer appears to have the most descriptions and warranty info on the full line of Swiss Grill products. It appears you call them with any issues, and not Swiss Grills. The downloadable owners manuals even have the Northline phone number on them. Just odd. I am always looking for someone who still uses 304 - maybe not the cabinet, but I don't think any manufacturer ever did that. http://www.northlineexpress.com/swiss-grills.html
  10. Abeach2bum

    Swiss Grills

    It is very odd with the number of grills in their product lineup, and the number of online retailers selling them, that you get "website not found" when you click on their URL.....
  11. Abeach2bum

    Swiss Grills

    I stumbled on these searching for something else on Amazon. I can say, Ive never heard of this brand.. 304 Stainless. http://www.amazon.com/b/ref=lp_11695916011_gbrc_ulm_r-1_6742_0ebb1b06?rh=i%3Alawngarden%2Cn%3A11695916011%2Cn%3A11695916011&ie=UTF8&node=11695916011
  12. Abeach2bum

    Making Sawdust..

    Mikey and Rich - I have a video recording of a concert in England - search it -Knebworth 90. What a lineup - Clapton, Knopfler, Elton John and a host of others. I no longer have a working VCR so I can't watch it - but it looks like Amazon has it - what don't they have? I want to come back as Clapton in my next life.... As I recall there was a song with most of them on stage at the same time - its great!
  13. Abeach2bum

    charmglow cc1 help

    It appears there isn't a Charmglow grill made anymore - Chinese or otherwise. Do an internet seach and all you get are listings for Charmglow parts. I did see a used one on eBay.
  14. Abeach2bum

    low flame issue

    I vote for a new regulator - I have had to replace several over the years - they do fail.
  15. Abeach2bum

    S-470 flame at sear station knob

    That is a really good question. Weber used to be the gold standard of warranty and customer service - doesn't appear that is the case in this instance. Another thing I've noticed is there doesn't seem to be anywhere that you can "kick the tires" on a Weber gas grill in my area. Both Ace hardwares near me have a couple of Q's, one kettle, and maybe a WSM in stock and on display. Home Depot has one two burner Spirit for $499 on display Haven't seen a Genisis or Summit anywhere on display. Has Weber finally priced themselves out of the backyard grill market? Just asking - not trying to cause trouble...