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  1. Anyone tried this to sear a steak?

    I do this -- except I bought the iron skillet from weber so it fits exactly where one set of grates used to be. I do not set it on the burners.. and it has a nice clean look. However - I just crank up all the burners to high and that grill will get up into the 600-700 range.. then I turn down the heat under the cast iron to 50%, and all other burners go off - and brown my steaks on both sides (if you leave it full blast it tends to blacken the meat). Once brown I move the steaks to the middle of the grill - close the top (so it is now like an oven at 250) and let them cook until I get the internal temp. Hope that helps
  2. Convert a 650 into a 670?

    How is everyone? It's been a while - but great to see the forum alive with lots of topics. So the bottom of my box (the part where the burners go into) on my 650 started to rust. Called Weber and they replaced it for free a few months later there is a huge crate on a pallet in my driveway. It is the bottom of the grill box.. I take the grill apart and put in the replacement and notice that on the back of the box there are about 9 indents spaced 4-5" apart... I say to myself.. Ahhhh they finally changed the design so that the water does not roll into the drip tray And indeed the water in the drip tray issue is GONE!! So - the other day I was at the store and wandered over to the grills and wished that I had the 670 with the sear station in the middle and noticed that the smoker box is back (for some reason I thought they took that out at one period of time).. I went to the back of the grill and it looks like the replacement they sent me. So Now I am thinking to myself... 1) could I order a new set of burners, a dial, and a face plate and convert my 650 into a 670? 2) I have a NG model so I'm not worried about propane hookups location etc. What do you guys think? I did a search but could not come up with anything.. but I may not have been searching for the right thing.
  3. Wow - it looks great... now I want one.
  4. Exterior Grill Cleaning

    WD40 - but I noticed that it takes off some of the writing on the grill so - I am slowly erasing the spanish lighting instructions - the grill looks much nicer without 8 lines of black lettering
  5. weber summit smoker box mod

    He said:
  6. weber summit smoker box mod

    Thanks for the tip in swaping out the flame tamer - I don't use my smoker box because the wood just bursts into flames. I don't think I have any old flame tamers lying around - so I'll see if I can swap out one of the other flame tamers on the grill.. or go down to HD and buy a new set that will fit into the box. Anyone here want to split the cost of some flame tamers, or want to sell me an old one? Thanks for sharing the tip.