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  1. Really Digging the Sear Station

    RCs, Those are Melamine Grill Prep Trays I found at Williams-Sonoma (Here's the Link) They were $20 bucks and I absolutely love them. The red is for raw stuff and the black is for cooked items so there's no chance of cross-contamination. They nest right on top of each other for easy carrying to the grill and storage. They are dishwasher safe as well! Also, the grooves on the trays collect excess marinades, sauces, juices, etc. so that it doesn't run off the tray and make a mess. I don't often have a small fortune to shop at WS, but for $20 you can't go wrong! Highly recommend!!
  2. Sales?

    Here is my experience....for what it is worth. I'm not saying this will work for everyone, but it did for me. I was looking for a 670 all over online and was ready to pull the trigger from an online retailer out of New Jersey who was offering close to a $500 discount with free shipping. I created a thread similar to this one to double check whether or not Weber would still honor the warranty if purchased from one of these online resellers before I put up the money. Yooper in all his wisdom posted and warned me to do my research (as he did in this thread) and luckily for me, I followed his advice. After digging around for info on this online retailer I found that it was a bait and switch scam and there were more negative reviews than you could shake a stick at (none of which appeared on their website). Anyway, I printed out the shopping cart from this online place with the discounted price, marched down to my local Lowes and asked about a price match, fully expecting to be told to take a hike. To my surprise, the young lady at the customer service desk told me that while she could not match the price upfront, she could adjust the price once I had purchased the grill. I used my smartphone, purchased the grill from Lowes online right there in the store (free delivery and assembly included), showed the young lady my email receipt and she adjusted the price, returning almost $500 back to my credit card! Grill was delivered within 4 days fully assembled and ready to go. Now, I'm not sure if this young lady at Lowes was supposed to do what she did, maybe it was because I had just gotten my hair cut, I don't know. Moral of the story is that it doesn't hurt to ask. All this being said, after cooking on this grill for the last 2-3 months, it is worth EVERY PENNY of the full retail price! As someone else said, 'Yeah, they are that good'. I just got lucky, maybe you can too! Best of luck, let us know how it turns out. --Chris
  3. Got my 670 a couple months back and have had no problems in South Florida where wind driven rain is a daily occurrence in the summer. Looking at the back of the grill I really think Weber changed the design to fix this issue. Can't see any possible way rain can get in from the back unless it starts raining upside down, in which case I think we will have bigger problems! Just my $0.02.
  4. First Roto Attempt

    Thanks, Rich! Yeah, I still give her hell everytime she eats my food but I am definitely glad the "vegan thing" was just a phase she went through in college. As far as the knives, we have a really nice set of JA Henckels, but none of them is really appropriate for meat carving and they haven't been sharpened in a while. I think I may just invest in a decent carving knife and keep it away from the Wifey so it doesn't get used to open packages and the like (the drawer with the box cutter is literally like 3 feet away from the knife block)! That's good advice about marking the grain before hand, I will definitely do that!
  5. First Roto Attempt

    Well, overall I would say the Sirloin Tip on the roto was a success! Decided not to mess with the sear burner and run the risk of over cooking the outside. That turned out to be a good decision because the roto burner performed like a champ! I put it on HI for the first 20 minutes of the cook as is suggested in the Weber manual and the bark came out just perfect! In fact it turned out so good that I didn't even get a chance to snap pics because there was some arguing over those outside pieces and I had to make sure I got some for myself! Anyway, after 20 mins with the roto burner, I turned it off and finished with just the two outside burners on medium-high. Cooked pretty perfect throughout, although next time I'll pull it off a tad sooner (maybe 130* instead of 135*). The part that was not so successful was the slicing. Knife skills have always been my Achille's Heel ( I guess I should have spent less time in front of the TV as a kid and more time playing with knives) and I had a really hard time determining which way the grain was running on this particular cut of sirloin. It was tender throughout, so I think I got a good cut across the grain, but it wasn't "pretty" (another reason for no pics). But, it doesn't have to be pretty to be delicious, and it was definitely delicious. We ended up having three for dinner instead of two, so no leftovers for sandwiches but the pure joy of watching my sister-in-law (a former vegan) shovel bloody meat into her mouth like it was going to run away was enough to make up for it! All in all, a good cook! I can't wait to make it again soon and perfect my technique (and snap some pictures of course)!
  6. First Roto Attempt

    Alright....I've had the S670 for a couple months now and have decided it's time to break in the roto. I picked up a 2# sirloin tip roast yesterday (just the right size for the wife and I plus leftovers for sammies), threw a little salt and pepper dry rub on it and placed it in the fridge overnight to let the magic happen. I've been reading a bit about best practices for beef roasts on the roto and the plan is to light the roto and two outside burners and try to keep the hood temp around 400*. Does that sound about right? Will use a pan for the drippings and try my hand at some gravy. Any thoughts about doing a quick sear before placing on the roto to get a nice, crispy bark? Also, I've read some conflicting reports on cook times....some say 20 min/# and others closer to 30/#. Looking for a nice rare-medium rare with crispy outside, so I plan to pull it off around 130-135*. Thoughts? Again, my first experience with the roto and I don't want to screw it up. Any help is appreciated! --Chris
  7. Is this used SUMMIT S470 worth it? PLEASE HELP!

    +1 Would buy assuming all parts are there and you are set up for NG. Make sure to have him fire it up (including the roto and side burner) when you go to look. Offer $400 like UTH said, maybe they will come down to $450. Good deal either way. Any grill that gets used a good amount will get greasy and nasty on the inside pretty quickly...that's how you know you're doing it right!
  8. Spinnin' a Prime Rib

    Droooooool....looking good! Fast Image Resizer
  9. I've been seriously looking into doing something similar to this with my S670. I would like to have the grill free-standing, but a surround so it "looks" built-in. I was also going to try and incorporate my 22" OTG Kettle with something similar to this------> Were you looking at adding storage under the side tables on the S330? Maybe a one-off cabinet set similar to Rich's genuine Weber cabinets but not stainless? (Pics Here) I've been batting it around in my head for a month or so, but just can't seem to come up with an easy, cost effective way to do the cabinets. Also have concerns about heat where the bowl rests up against the cutout, figuring I'll have to use some sort of gasket to allow for expansion & contraction. I'll be watching this thread carefully in hopes that those with experience doing it will have some advice.
  10. What about the NEW Performer?

    I know I'm digging up an old thread here, but figured 10 months is enough time for owners of the New Performer to weigh in. I have finally convinced my mother-in-law to trash her $100 walmart special now that the charcoal tray has literally disintegrated. She wants a charcoal grill (scared of gas for some reason) and since I am the only one who actually cooks on it, I'm thinking of steering her towards the Performer. She likes the idea of the built in workspace and I think the propane assist ignition would be a nice feature for her to have. So, that being said, can any 2013 Performer owners out there tell me if the gas ignition is worth the extra money? I found some great reviews, but none speak to the gas ignition. Also, I would love to see pics of the "Prototype Performer" from the post below, but unfortunately the link is dead and searching the TVWBB yields no results. Just curious what it looked like. Thanks! -Chris
  11. Heck Yeah!

    Wow! Congrats on the win! I wish the Florida Lottery would give away Webers....maybe I would actually play! Sorry, I can't weigh in on your turkey questions as I've never used the Weber roto on something that big before, but will be anxiously awaiting the expert's answers with Thanksgiving just around the corner! Welcome to the forums! -Chris
  12. Bbq smoker vs grill

    I know I'm not as "seasoned" as most of the folks around here (BBQ pun intended), but in a pinch I've tipped a shopping cart on it's side and built a fire underneath to grill burgers and dogs at a public park birthday party when the "outdoor cooking area" didn't work out. In my opinion any cooking apparatus that allows you to safely build a controlled flame underneath food can be used to grill! So by that logic, any smoker where you can get direct heat is also a grill. Obviously, this is not ideal or even relevant in the context of the smokers that Jim and Jeff mentioned, but hey, necessity is the mother of invention! Good luck with your search, keep us posted when you pull the trigger. -Chris
  13. Anyone Have Experience with Wolf?

    Great find! I can't wait to see the finished product after it has been seasoned with some "elbow" grease!
  14. First Pulled Pork on the 670

    You are not supposed to want pulled pork at 8AM, but those pics are just making me drool! Looks great! I see you have your foil in place to redirect the smoke, but did you use the box on the 670 or one of the "under the grates" methods?
  15. Really Digging the Sear Station

    Hello All, Have had the 670 for a couple weeks now and probably have about dozen or so meals on record. I have been experimenting with the sear station as this was one of the things that really attracted me to 670 and there seems to be a good amount of discussion on whether or not it lives up to the hype. My opinion is a resounding, "Yes!". Picked up some great looking bone-in pork chops the other day and decided to get a little crazy and try Alton Brown's Molasses and Coffee marinade (Recipe). Overall, they tasted great, really unique flavor, although next time I think I will marinate a little bit longer to infuse some more flavor (only had time for about 90 mins of marinating time). Anyway, I seared for about 3 mins total, 90 seconds each direction, then flipped them and moved to lower heat to finish. Hash marks turned out pretty good if I do say so my self and the chops were cooked perfectly! See pics below for proof! I resized them so hopefully you won't have to scroll to next Tuesday to see the whole photo. Happy grilling! After Marinating Just off the grill Plated & Rested Cross Section --Chris