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  1. mnlang

    osmosis with steaks

    I think Grillguy tried reserve sear recently and had success....jump in here Dustin. I have yet to try it, although I would like to.
  2. One of the cornerstones of this wonderful forum. Mike brings a relentless spirit to his love of grilling and the passion shows in his posts. Thanks!

  3. Mike is the soul of these forums! His outstanding photography, inherent grasp of the most unique menus, total dedication and most interesting posts contribute to the high value of our Source!!

  4. Thanks Ben! I completely forgot about my Amazon review...I will have to update it!

  5. Another Fan here. Photos are great! Nice review of the S-650 on Amazon too. Thanks

  6. Thanks UB! It is wonderful to come here and share such a "fulfilling" hobby with everyone!

  7. Mike - Thank you for all you add to this great forum. Your photos are simply wonderful! You do Weber Nation proud.