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    Trex outdoor storage?

    So I was perusing the latest issue of This Old House and saw a blurb mentioning Trex making outdoor cabinets. I'd like to do a permanent outdoor kitchen arrangement but really don't like the look of stainless doors & drawers. Has anyone seen their cabinets in-person? Care to comment? I'm guessing they won't be cheap, but go price what they charge for the stainless stuff. I'm prepared for it to be spendy. I'm only doing a straight island, with under-counter storage, so I'm not looking at a ton of cabinets. Just enough to stash all my Big Green Egg-cessories and various other bits. From what some links lead me to believe, this product is being made by a company named NatureKast, if that helps shed any light. At some point I'll have other questions regarding the overall design, but I want to get a feel for cabinet/storage solutions and the trex stuff sounds interesting. Anyone seen/have it?