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  1. Bbq smoker vs grill

    i am about ready to order a 84" american cooking equipment grill, got some nice photos of it, manufacture said it's burning nice and even, gets around 900 degrees out of it, has 18 burners, 2 burners per knob, uses 316L stainless on most of the parts that wear out on a grill, can i go wrong?
  2. Bbq smoker vs grill

    Thanks guys, so far it seems like a gas grill would fit our needs just fine, Not sure if a smoker would work for us.
  3. Bbq smoker vs grill

    Lets say i would ditch the grill buying and look for a good stainless bbq smoker with temp controller, How would i do burgers? What about kabobs? Is it possible doing that with a bbq smoker? If so, who makes a good commercial unit? Any stainless ones being made?
  4. Need an Outdoor Commercial 60" grill

    they have a proven longevity, guy said they have grills going that are over 20 years old, and they are still under warranty, i assume it's a small company, i'm willing to give them a try, but i wanted to check if an actual user would give me a review on it,
  5. Need an Outdoor Commercial 60" grill

    Ummmm, ok... I guess ill have to check it out, somethings funny here, as soon as this manufacturer is mentioned everybody goes hush. Saw it on several threads, its a cold dead end.
  6. Need an Outdoor Commercial 60" grill

    i wonder if anyone on this forum has a http://www.americancookingequipment.com/18burner.htm as for the CV, not sure where i would start with warranty on it, i think it was purchased from sams club many years ago,
  7. Need an Outdoor Commercial 60" grill

    Anybody have a review on that one? Planning on buying a 72" Please let me know
  8. Need an Outdoor Commercial 60" grill

    what about this one? http://www.americancookingequipment.com/18burner.htm
  9. Need an Outdoor Commercial 60" grill

    ok, i'll try my best to tell you how we are using ours now, first we grill approx 15 burgers, then after 15 min we do whatever fits on there, then as we take these off we keep adding a new batch, typically that whole deal lasts from 11:15am to 12pm, but thats not the only time we use it, it's being used a couple times a week, wore out a couple cheap grills, and now that CV is worn out, looking for a replacement, Tubby, how hot does the Alfresco go on high? i asked the company a couple questions about it, and all they said was i would be impressed with it, and told me to call their distributor, (Edited the couple times a day to couple times a week, sorry)
  10. Need an Outdoor Commercial 60" grill

    Hi, thanks for the input, i was aiming for this, but i read a bad review about it online, it reminded me of the crown verity i have now, http://www.bbqsource-forums.com/invboard/index.php?showtopic=7011 i'm seroiusly thinking about buying this http://www.bbqguys.com/item_name_Alfresco-LX2-56-Inch-Propane-Gas-Grill-On-Cart-With-Sear-Zone-And-Rotisseri_item_2132144.html only thing keeping me back is boss man
  11. Need an Outdoor Commercial 60" grill

    well i fully agree, but i figured i would ask the pro's on this forum first, i assume there are alot of guys on here running huge grills and would know the downside of them, crown verity should be a commercial quality grill, but the design on the burners aint all that great, plus we had issues with it in the past, i'm guessing it's about 6 years old, i'm assuming the summit would be more reliable then the CV we have now,
  12. Anyone Have Experience with Wolf?

    pretty sweet find, wolf makes good commercial kitchen equipment!! hope you get a good use out of it.
  13. Need an Outdoor Commercial 60" grill

    I can fit them on the 2 webers, but do I want 2 webers or one massive one? What you guys think? I want something that lasts and consistent all around.
  14. Need an Outdoor Commercial 60" grill

    Wow Tubby, that's a massive setup, how consistent can it be with only 8 burners? Do you have one? How do you like it?
  15. Need an Outdoor Commercial 60" grill

    Would I be better off buying that one vs the 2 webers? Webers are known for consistent temperature all around, What about temperatures? How hot does the magikitchn go?