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  1. In search of the perfect Hotdog

    Looks great everyone!
  2. Masterbuilt Smoker Modification

    I take it you have a propane version?
  3. American Cooking Equipment

    Wow 18 burner model!
  4. New Member and New Project Pics

    Very impressive
  5. Bacardi is the essence of all that this forum is about! His dedication, contributions,whimsical humor and experiences are to be looked forward to in every post and I for one am happy to call him a friend!

  6. Anyone tried this to sear a steak?

    Need to determine the temps to determine is the roughly 6" of difference is worth it. I tell you, if you are willing to spend $90, you can get a portable IR burner ULTRA SEAR from Dicks sporting goods. This grill will get a fajita cast iron pan searing hot in no time.