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    Best insert grill for around $2000

    ok so I went to my local BBQ store and found a grill that I think is in my price range and seemed like a quality product. http://www.deltaheat.com/32-outdoor-gas-grill.shtml Its $2000 + tax. The salesman said Delta heat is the economy line of the Twin Eagles brand, but it is still very high quality for the price range. What do you guys think?
  2. So I know this is the pool forum, but there isn't a bbq island forum and a bbq island goes naturally with the pool/spa scene. I've seen a couple other bbq posts on here too. Within a month, a contractor is coming by and building me a built in island so I have to decide on a grill pretty fast. I know nothing about grills, and all my past ones have been cheap $200 ones that worked just fine (until they stopped). So thats why I'm reaching out. 95% of the grilling will be for steaks/burgers and veggies 2 people. However I definitely want to be prepared for the occasional big cookout. I'm not looking for something 'cheap' but rather a good value and quality for the money. I've seen one option as being the weber s-660. The only issue with it is that it comes with built in doors. I don't like the look of it, and would rather the contractor build in our own doors and siding. Also, it looks like its sells for a bit under 3k, even though I see it being mentioned all the time that people have bought it under 2k. I just can't seem to find anything like that. Any recommendations?