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  1. To all the teams, judges and future judges who haven't registered yet: this is the perfect time to DO so if you want to enjoy your vacation with peace of mind For the ones interested in becoming a judge, a Judging Class is held on Saturday morning (Sept. 13th) by our American KCBS Reps. Entry fee is only 75euro! Carolyn Wells, president of the KCBS will be attending our contest: the first in Europe! It will be a unique chance to meet her. Hope to see you all there! Have a lot of fun (grilling)! Geert
  2. Hi fellow smokers, We've been working hard setting up our contest. It's gonna be great! Besides the fish, all dishes are known. In the mean time you can also find the Rules & Regulations on our website. I hope I will meet a lot of you there! Geert http://www.bbqderlagelanden.com/en/enindex.html https://www.facebook.com/BBQderlagelanden
  3. Our website is updated with much needed program, jury and competition information for the teams and judges. Go check it out!
  4. Hi all, The Belgian BBQ Team Matthias organises the first KCBS sanctioned Lowlands BBQ Championship, in cooperation with the Dutch BBQ Foundation (Tony Stone Competition). The competition will take place on September 13th and 14th 2014 in Diksmuide, Belgium. Eight courses must be handed in divided over two days: 4 classic KCBS dishes (chicken, pork ribs, pork shoulder, beef brisket) 4 dishes European Style: 1 pork and 1 kangaroo, the others have to be decided (fish, ...) The prize money is 12.000 $ and the winner will be in the final draw for an invitation to The Jack 2015. You can find more information on our site (http://www.bbqderlagelan...en/enindex.html) and follow us on Facebook (http://www.facebook....BQderlagelanden) I hope to meet some of you there! Best regards, Geert