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  1. Upcoming new Build -- Questions

    sounds like you have a plan and that is the first thing to do,try to follow it and ask for help whenever you don't know how to proceed. Might be useful to have a look at this article to plan your design correctly avoid kitchen planning and designing mistakes ,be patient with this project, i wish you lots of luck
  2. Portable Grills???

    i am new to grilling myself but I use a portable grill that has a water tray underneath,its an electric grill, the water evaporating makes the meat very soft, I would recommand one of those
  3. Grilling Tips

    thank you for the help, i feel my most common mistake is cooking time, food get either burned or undercooked
  4. Anyone ever seen a grill like this

    that is huge, nice model however i think the food smells and flavors get mixed to much and its impossible to fully enjoy the taste at the end