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    Need to vent!

    I am installing a built in natural gas grill on a 6' island. I am using EP Henry stones to build the structure of the island. I am considering putting the vent on the countertop, behind the grill head. Has anyone done this?
  2. Thanks DChambers! Any additional words of wisdom from your build experience? Would you be able to send a picture or the part number of the lighting you used? I havent started the build yet, still getting the electric & gas line installed. i will post pics as i go. Thanks!
  3. Hi Benny - I am designing my build as well. The feedback I would give to you is to consider the amount of counter space. Your design doesn't leave a whole lot. You will want at least 12" (i would prefer more) on either side of your grill. just a thought.
  4. Hello everyone! I am new to this board and very glad I found it, there is a wealth of knowledge here that has already been very helpful to me. I am designing my outdoor bbq and wanted to gather feedback and gain any additional words of wisdom. I have decided on the Lion 32" Natural Gas Grill, Kamado Joe Classic, and the doors/ drawers will be from Lion as well. I will construct the island out of steel studs, with hardibacker. I am evaluating stone veneer for the base and tiles for the backsplash. I have a paver patio space all set to go, but I have some prep work to do before I can begin the build (running Natural gas line and electric). A couple questions I do have for some of the experienced folks here: - I plan on putting trex board under the steel frames, how do you hide the gap from the paver to the steel frame, extend the hardibacker down a little bit? - Any recommedations (SKU#'s) on lighting that can be installed on the backsplash and is good for outdoor use? Any recommendations on GFCI receptacles for backsplash/ outdoor use? Thanks!