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  1. Ok - good to know! Thankyou - I will double check!!!
  2. Hello everyone, I am a new member and have been enjoying perusing the helpful posts. I was wondering if you can help me. My husband & I just ordered the Weber S620. We have a weber grill & it was time for an upgrade. We mainly wanted more cooking space and the S620 complies. However, the salesperson showed us the Weber S670 w/all the special features. I am now thinking I want the S670 instead! However, I am mostly interested in the built-in motorized rotisserie and somewhat the sear burner. The smoker is not an incentive in fact I hate that it takes away cooking space from the S670 so that initially made us stay away. Also, the price difference is $600 more for the S670. My question is based on what I explained is the S670 "worth it?" I know the S620 has an rotisserie attachment but it doesn't seem as "cool" (lol) as the built-in motorized. I still have time to change my mind so would love to hear your input:-))) I would appreciate all and any advice from anyone w/either grill. Thank you so much. Marie