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  1. exactly what I did. went and bought some 3/8 fittings going to try it out later.
  2. Sear Burner Drop-in Ready to Go!

    can one of you owner comment on this for me.. http://www.bbqsource-forums.com/invboard/index.php?showtopic=10369&hl=charmglow
  3. I bought a Charmglow searing side burner from the orange store. It came with a quick connect hose and the connection on the burner is a 3/8 which is standard on all the LP grill I've seen. I called Brinkman the mfg of this side burner and they said they can't help me cause it was only designed to work with their drop in grill. what a bunch of BS. Does anyone own this? I'm using the LP version and I imagine I can just go buy a dual outlet 3/8 connection and tie it in with my grill.
  4. I'm thinking about building a BBQ island but before I start, I'd like to get the budget in place. A local seller in Northern California sells 18 gauge tracks for $0.93/ft is this reasonable? for a typical L shape 8ftx6ft island, approximately 8x6 how many ft of studs would I need? I'm looking at a KitchenAid 34" propane grill cause it fit the budget. Along 2 doors, an 18" and a 27" plus a propane drawer all of which are Cal Flame. All of which I've already priced out and seems to fit the budget. What type of stucco should I use? For counter tops, I'm just going to use tiles.
  5. Debating on weather I want to have one built onsite or purchase one and have it delivered. Assuming that it's fully assembled, I need to get it through the gate and most likely have a crane swing it into the back yard. All of this sounds expensive. Trying to compare the cost that would be added to move prebuilt one vs having someone (or me) build one on site. Assuming the move is under 30 miles