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    Hello to everyone here on the forum, it's been very informative reading here and on other forums about any thing and every thing. I thought i knew it all until these forums come along, and boy was i wrong , i've learnt alot and now know there is still alot to learn.. There is actuall people out there that know their stuff and feel right at home,sharing their wisdom and helping others so they can be knowlegdeable also. i'm looking forward to passing on my limited knowledge and learning from all of you. A little about myself, i'm 57, retired autoworker, with a long honey-do list that never seems to go away. The wife and i are into camping and travelling with our fifth wheel, looking forward to a trip out east coast hopefully in 2016. We purchased a Napoleon Legend 485 RSIB bbq from our local Canadian Tire store at the end of summer 2013, and are sure enjoying having a good quality product that seems so far to exceed my expectations. It has the infrared side grill zone and infrared rotisserie burner, and must say those fat new york steaks from Costco sure come off that grill with mouth-watering results.