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  1. convertedman

    charmglow cc1 help

    Yeah, I wanted the silver but, the cleaning will have to be more frequent. Found a gloss black the other day in the high heat. Probably going with that. All to do now is fill in some oxidation pitting and paint!
  2. convertedman

    charmglow cc1 help

    Here some of the rehab in process. Alot of sanding and cleaning. Doubt it has ever been cleaned before I got to it This one is the decision making process I am in now. Go back to the flat high heat black like on the left or high heat silver on the right. Decisions, decisions!
  3. convertedman

    charmglow cc1 help

    Just an Fyi for anyone else that also might have a CC-1 grill. I did call MHP yesterday afternoon and spoke with a guy named Thomas Koziol. He is the president of MHP and the son of Walter Koziol who built the First gas grill in the 60's and also the cc-1. Needless to say Tom had a lot of good info on my grill. He hooked me up with a valve part# VLV17B which will go in in place of the bad regulator. He also threw in 2 new oriffice for my control valve to lower the gas pressure to the burnners. Very pleased with the customer service and willingness to help. You don't see that much these days. I will get some pics of the rebuild this weekend.
  4. convertedman

    charmglow cc1 help

    Vanole- That thread was how I found this forum. You had some good info on there. I have not tried to contact MHP yet. I was talking last week with I think one of the owners of bbq parts.com about my thinking the dual gas valve I purchased from them being defective. That's when we came to the conclusion the regulator is probably the culprit. The guy said being that gas pressure to houses are already regulated now, I would not need the appliance regulator and could bypass it. Just my way of thinking is if something comes with a regulator is should probably not be bypassed. I will post a couple pics later of the refinishing process in progress. I am done sanding and prepping the 2 lids and working on the bottom now. Underthehood- I have read quite a few topics on here that you have posted on. One of them being the thread Vanole mentioned above. I was thinking you would have had some good advice or at least some info on my questions. Fyi, The double tank and 2 lids are cast aluminum and quite sturdy. The original owner had it installed when the house was built in 1971. and the second owner who I bought the house from said he used it all the time, I have replaced all the grates, ceramic briquettes, handles, and I have used it to at least twice a week for the last year and it produces some excellent food. So, I guess I am saying I believe it is worth quite a bit more than just scrap! At least to me
  5. convertedman

    charmglow cc1 help

    Hi, I am new to the forum and joined to see if I could get some help with an issue on my CC-1 gas grill. A little background first. When we bought our house last year there was this gas grill on the back porch that looked like it should have been tossed 20 years ago. I decided to hold onto it for a couple months till I could find something I wanted but needed to order some new grates for it. Anyway, started researching it online and found out its worth more money than I had imagined. Decided then to keep it and refurbish it. Now the questions. When I started replacing parts, several screw were stripped or just rusted and had to be drilled out and re tapped. When I tried to remove the dual valve assembly on the front the whole piece of cast aluminum broke off with the valve and was disintegrated. I took a piece of 1/8in steel and secured it to the front to be able to mount the valves again. Does anyone have any ideas to make it look better? Also, This grill has a gas regulator on that now no longer works. Is it possible to bypass this regulator? I have looked online and called several suppliers and cannot find a replacement. Thanks.