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    The end of Weber?

    I just noticed this post and did a little looking. This doesn't look correct. Looks like Thomas Koos ( former chief for Black and Decker) got the CEO seat in spring of 2013. Also looks like the company was divided into 2 divisions. One for restsurant / comercial and one for BBQ grills. Looks like the original Stephens family went mainly into the restsurant / commercial route and "got out" of the grill buisness. So there could be much more to the OP's post than can be dismissed as rumor.
  2. I had been using the Man Law smoker box and cutting mesquite chunks into 1/4 a 1/2 thick pieces for quite a while and this works fine in this traditional "on grate" smoker box. I tried a batch of the smoker pellets in the box but didn't have too much luck. I could not keep the pellets burning / smoking even with the lid off the box. After lighting with a torch numerous times and letting them burn for a minute to really get them going they would fizzle out within about 5 minutes and need re-lighting. To keep them burning, I had to light the burner under the box and supply quite a bit of extra heat but this then made the grill to hot for what I wanted. The smoker tubes let in much more air and I thought that may be part of the problem. I won't pay $15 - $50 for a piece of perforated stainless steel pipe called a smoker tube which only runs a few bucks a foot so I picked-up a stainless steel mesh drawn organizer for $3 and used it instead. This works fine. Long and short of this: the smoker pellets work fine on a gas grill but a "closed" smoker box may not work well.
  3. Bubba J

    Very Imperessed

    Could be a lot of different thing: - Your mood : new grill "feel good" atitude + higher expectations = better perceived taste - Clean grill : old dirty grill packed with rust and grill "schmooze" will add a lot of bad taste to anything that gets close to it - Even heat : even heat output will give you a consistent surface temperature at the greats rather than localized areas of burn and raw - Flame tamers : better vaporization of any drippings that are then redirected back at the food as additional flavor. If your prior grill was a small cheapo model, it may not have had any flame tamers ( flavorizer bars). In my old grill, drippings either fell directly onto the burner or dripped to the bottom of the grill where they sat, pooled-up, and eventually ran out a hole and into a soup can hanging on a hook. - Better temperature : too hot = burnt food, too cool = blahhh dried out food NG and propane grills are both engineered to give the same heat output. The individual gases are quite different on their own. Propane will provide about 2.5x more BTU per same volume so you need to burn 2.5x more NG to get the same amout of heat. The pressure regulators and orifices are pre-engineered in such a way that a 12,000 BTU burner delivers 12,000 BTU regardless of the fuel type.
  4. Bubba J

    Coyote or Blaze?

    Are there any particular models you are looking at ? Both Blaze and Coyote have different "levels" of products. Blaze has standard Blaze and Blaze Professional while Coyote has the C and S line. Between the lowest priced and highest price models you can see the price ddouble or tttriple. If you have shopped around you probably have seen numerous stainless grills that are all pretty similar in features and if you really start digging into these you will start seeing some common interchangeable parts. That said, I think you are better off shopping for features rather than brand because they are all pretty good. I think in this mid-range price group they are all very comparable. I shopped extensively back in the spring and summer and hit grill-data overload. Long story but the end result was a shiny new Lion 4-burner grill on the deck. Lion offered everything I wanted and at the lowest overall price. Solid 304 welded construction, cast 304 burners, heavy 304 rotisserie motor with ceramic rotis burner, heavy 304 grates, and a nice 304 cart to put it on. Even the control knobs are 304. I added ceramic tube radiant trays to finish off the package. I looked at everything from re-building my old generic aluminum shell (again) all the way up to a Lynx with the cast bronze burners. I couldn't be happier with my final decision.
  5. Bubba J

    Design Phase Question- Concrete Pad

    This pad would probably be considered an extension of the existing patio. What you really need to do is go to your county's web site and mouse around until you find engineering and building code info. They will tell you exactly what you need. It will probably be a minimum of 4" thick reinforced concrete on a minimum of 4" of compacted stone. Sand does not compact well and can wash out quickly if you have flooding issues. They will specify some compressive strength around 3500 psi and some air entrainment level around 6%. You also want to think about water run off from the existing patio since you are kinda building a dam on one side of it. While you are looking at the county code info also check out the requirements for exterior / underground electric runs, grounding, plumbing, and drains if you plan on adding power and water.
  6. Bubba J

    Large Smoker Box?

    I shopped around a few months ago for a box to go with my new grill. They supplied one with the grill but its silly small. The biggest one I could find was by Man Law BBQ at Amazon. Its about 4 1/2 x 13 x 1/2. Much better but I'd still like a bigger one. Next spring I will probably add a charcoal tray to one of the bays in the grill and modify it to be a jumbo smoke box. There were several approximately 4x9 boxes available also by other brands. You could easily put 2 of these together to make a larger box. Ultimately though, you may need a taller box rather than a wider box. A bigger surface area at the bottom will produce more smoke but it may not last any longer on the clock. If its taller, you can use much bigger "chunk wood" that will keep going much longer than smaller chips. The cast iron pan idea may be worth a try. You could easily make a cover with some heavy aluminum foil and poke some holes in it for air flow. You may need to drill some holes in the sides also.
  7. Now thats a serious piece of hardware! I quickly checked the Amazon reviews. Several people commented about the short connection distance. 10 - 15 feet looks average but one reviewer indicated it worked throughout his house. He must have paper thin walls. After seeing your trailer pict I quickly realize bluetooth capability was not the key feature that compelled you to buy this unit but I'll bet that it is for some folks without your background. It just irritates me when stuff doesn't work like it should, the manufacturer knows about it, and doesn't care.
  8. Looks like you filled it up already ! Even after being around for years, Bluetooth is still kinda hit-or-miss. Most devices use class-2 transceivers which will run up to about 30 feet in open air if there is no interference. When you start putting exterior walls / doors in the path the range drops off quickly or entirely as you are seeing. If you have the ability to try a different phone, tablet, lap-top ... give it a go. I have seen night and day differences with Bluetooth connections from different phones due to power management even though they were all class-2 capable. I looked but couldn't find any tech data on the bluetooth transceiver in your smoker. Its probably Class-2 Version-4. If making this connection work inside your house is important you can find some web data about modifing the antenna to achieve greater sensitivity. Maybe its just me but bluetooth control of a smoker or any of the new ovens coming out is more of a sales gimmick than anything else. Cool, yes but a silly solution to a problem that doesn't exist.
  9. Bubba J

    20 lb propane extension hose

    OK, I very quickly looked and saw the QCC1 nut on the end and assumed it had a mating end, not a type-1 appliance connector. Not as simple, but you Could use a QCC1 extension hose (pig-tail) that terminates with a 1/4" pipe thread then attach a male QCC1 fitting to that.
  10. Bubba J

    warranty shipping more than doubled !!!

    $36 shipping is well into the "rip off" area. I'm assuming these are free warrantee parts + shipping/handling charges? I think its just another way companies are using to get the customer to pay for free warrantee service. Its actually a great marketing ploy. Offer free repair parts for life. Then turn a profit on the parts by indirectly charging the customer for them. Sweet.
  11. Bubba J

    20 lb propane extension hose

    Sure, these are readily available just about everywhere that carries cylinders and grills. Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, Amazon ... You may need to shop around if you want a special length. These have a big plastic hand tighten fitting on one end to hook to the tank and the other end attaches to the big plastic hand tighten fitting that is coupled to the regulator on your grill.
  12. Many grills models have 2 slightly different versions. One works with propane out of the box and the other will work with natural gas out of the box. Yours is the propane model. If there is no conversion path, you may be able to replace the fuel carrying "guts" (the manifold) with the guts from the natural gas model of that grill. The body, hood, cart, grates, flame shields, other ... are usually identical. The control valves, orifices, internal piping ... are going to be different. This may be one complete unit or an assembly of parts. If you replace this, you essentially have the nat. gas version of that grill. I have no idea about the construction of your grill, the availability of parts, or the cost. I just re-read your original post. I'm getting the impression that this is a new grill that you could return if you wanted to. Doing that would be much easier than rebuilding it. Re-building is a task better left to situations where there is no other option.
  13. Look in your instruction book / owners manual and see if this model is dual-fuel capable or designed for single fuel use only. If its dual-fuel capable you can probably find a Nat. Gas conversion kit that includes a new regulator and set of larger orifice tips for the control valves. If its single fuel only, they probably designed it in such a way that you cannot simply swap out the orifices and / or the control valve "bodies" are incapable of supplying the appropriate volume of fuel. Propane and Nat. Gas (methane) are different fuels. Propane will provide approximately 2.5x more heat for the same volume of gas being burned. Nat gas is usually supplied at a lower pressure around 0.25 psi whereas propane is usually supplied at around 0.38 psi. Because of the supply pressure and BTU per unit volume differences you can not just switch the fuels on your grill and expect it to work safely, without modification. Many grills are just not designed for simple modification; dual-fuel grills are. If you can't convert it just use it with propane like you intended to originally, buy another grill, or see if you can get a complete manifold assembly for the natural gas version of your grill.
  14. Bubba J

    20 lb propane extension hose

    Are you looking for a high pressure hose to go from the tank to the regulator or just a longer low pressure hose to go from the regulator to your grill?
  15. Bubba J

    Looking for input on new grill

    So, what did you do ?