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    Veneer before countertop? Bad idea?

    Got a few more hours in and began tacking down the durock. Going with a lath and scratch coat and figured there would be a learning curve so started in the far back corner. Realized I forgot to set the vents before doing this so will pop those in before moving on. They are sitting in my garage. Wanted to make Dr Dave proud and set a high/low vent behind each gas appliance .
  2. SmccarthyPT

    Veneer before countertop? Bad idea?

    Hi Ray, Thank you for all the insight from your experiences! Yes, totally makes sense and I think we will do exactly that. Going to prepare a template and pour in forms. Friend of a friend has done many of these and willing to help offsite so probably the way to go. I have some areas that should make some discreet seams so we shall see. In the mean time I plan to keep moving forward setting the stone veneer. Hour here, couple hours there seems to be what I can get now so may take a while
  3. Newbie here and WOW this forum has been so valuable in this project for creating an outdoor kitchen! I've been lurking around and reading as much as I can and truly appreciate all the time and sharing of knowledge here. First time working with metal so was a bit of a learning curve but ended up really enjoying that process and flexibility. So far I've got framing done and rough wiring in. Ready to to start putting up the cement board. My dilemma(s): 1) I've been a bit 'scared' to try a pour-in-place concrete countertop as I didn't want to end up messing up the finishing touch and I've had friends highly recommend doing it in forms and transporting. Just seems like it would be SO nice to have it all there in one big slab. I've seen both ways on here but never having done that, any thoughts? 2) I was considering putting up the veneer (eldorado stone) prior to the counter mainly because my friend is in town for a weekend and has done lots of this stone/veneer work and could help me. Seems like most are doing the countertop first though. Wondered if I could do veneer first if I worked it right up to my estimated overhand for the countertop? Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this... Cheers, Steve