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    Bakerstone Pizza Oven On Weber Q320

    If these were selling for under $30 they were an absolute steal! They regularly sell for around $130 over here in the UK although recently there has been some great deals. I haven't read one bad review on this product anywhere! Well, tried it out tonight and very impressed with the result although prefer thin crust pizza so next time will spread the dough out more. Anyone thinking of using this oven on a Weber Q320 should be aware that ideally you need more BTU's - wouldn't think this will present a problem unless you're trying to use it in cold/windy conditions. Another point, the model I received was shipped with four push-in legs which causes the oven to stand an inch or so above the grate. I emailed Bakerstone to check if it is safe to remove the legs - they replied immediately and confirmed this is in order. Tomorrow, I'll have another go and leave the legs off as I suspect this will help the oven to reach temperature a bit faster.
  2. slicker55

    WSM - Ammonia Smell - SOLVED!

  3. slicker55

    Bakerstone Pizza Oven On Weber Q320

    Bakerstone 12" Pizza Oven arrived today and it fits the Weber Q320 very nicely - just waiting for other supplies to arrive before giving it a go - will report back!
  4. A well documented question so I wrote to Ausi Heat Beads and have received this reply: "Yes you can reuse left over Heat Beads®, to do this you need to ensure that your BBQ vents are closed off completely to cut off all air supply and this allows the briquettes to extinguish naturally. When re using left over Heat Beads make sure you fill your starter with fresh briquettes and then place the used briquettes on top, and they must be dry, (I believe this is why you are smelling an odour - damp briquettes) For best results always store Heat Beads® in a cool dry space, make sure your bag is rolled up tight if you haven’t used all the briquettes in the bag. There is no ammonia in the product, after discussing with our technical people we believe that what you may be smelling is damp beads."
  5. Hi Guys, Anyone used a Bakerstone Pizza Oven with Weber Q320?
  6. Hi Guys, After reading so many great reviews I bought a Maverick ET-75 for use with my rotisserie. The concept is without doubt a good one but I have to question it's accuracy. I was under the impression the alarm should sound when reaching the target temperature but tests reveal the temperature has to rise a further 2-5F before the alarm activates. I contacted Maverick and found their customer service to be second to none. They told me the alarm should sound as soon as the target temperature is reached. Initially, they replaced the probe with one tested at their end. When the new probe arrived further tests revealed identical results. I sent them a short video clip to illustrate my findings which they stated were indicative of a faulty receiver. They sent a replacement but the results are still the same leading me to question whether these units are all they're cut out to be. So, this one is to all you ET-75 users... Does your alarm sound as soon as the target temperature is reached or is there some delay and if so, by how many degrees?