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  1. bbq 101 questions

    I'm still a very raw (pun intended) grilling rookie, but thought I would share some pictures......advice/suggestions welcome! https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=5CF564F94A2A3A27!2291&authkey=!ADbdebG8X0NPI6E&ithint=folder%2cjpg
  2. I just got my new EP-310 this weekend and I need to cook some chicken and steak tonight. From what I've read, they need to be cooked at different temps, do I need to cook them separately?
  3. bbq 101 questions

    I did my first bbq of steak and chicken (wings). I didn't think to look at the weber app for direction so I did the rookie mistake...I kept peeking. I am happy to say that, even they were a bit overcooked, I was able to prove to myself that there are no hot or cold spots. BTW, the reason I kept peeking is because I didn't trust that the weber has a lot less flare-ups than my old, let's say, non-weber bbq. Second attempt will be tomorrow.....wish me luck. I did get the book, so I will be reviewing it tonight for steak and temperatures. Another question: do you guys and gals just trust that there are no flare-ups and cook without peeking? edit: I'm in NJ, no ollies near me but did get the weber book at the book store.
  4. bbq 101 questions

    After much reading on ths forum and others I decided to get a brand spanking new EP-310 Crimson and it's being delivered tomorrow and I have some questions: 1. What book should I start reading? 2. Before my first cook tomorrow, I heat up as hot as I can to burn any oil in the bbq. How long should I do this? Until it stops smoking? 3. so after I cook, do I not clean the grill at all and wait until the next cooking and once hot, then clean the grills? 4. so i use oil so that the food won't stick? I've read that I should oil both sides of the gril to prevent rust, should I still do this even thought my grates are SS? 5. Why is this model so difficult to find in the weber website? thanks everyone, I consider myself a true rookie when it comes to grilling, so I have a lot of experimenting, ahem eating to do.