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  1. Finally all done. Happy with the results
  2. I already bought tile awhile back. It's rated for outdoor use and freeze resistant so there's no reason it wouldn't work.
  3. Finally got the Hardiboard on. It was definitely the most tedious and time consuming. Working in sections, I removed the pan heads lath screws on the frame and replaced them with flat heads thru the Hardi and studs. Everything is nice and flat.
  4. I didn't use stone because of the weight. The island is going on the deck so wasn't sure if it would be safe without reinforcing the beams. And wasn't sure if stucco would be a good choice for the weather here in the Pacific NW.
  5. I'm using tile for the sides and concrete countertop. May do granite if I get lazy and not up to the challenge of pouring concrete. I'm putting on the hardibacker now. I noticed the screw heads are keeping the HB from being totally flush with the metal frame in certain parts and leaving gaps that will be filled. Are these waves and unevenness in the wall be a concern when I tile? Thanks for your input.
  6. Sorry..RG is Redgard. I plan to use porcelain tile.
  7. I plan to use Redgard to make it waterproof. Do I need to tape all the seams? Seems that the RG would seal all the small gaps.
  8. That's part of my countertop. I plan to use 2 cedar 4x4 post as legs on the end. Wanted a different look and didn't need that much storage space.
  9. Here are a few pics of my progress.
  10. Dave, I'm in Portland, Or so its wet and our winters can drop to the teens. My original plan was to make my own doors out of tongue and groove cedar. Tony
  11. Hello all I've been looking through all the posts and founds lots of useful information and thanks to all the contributors. I've started my build using metal studs and 1/4 hardiboard. Just started framing the openings for doors. I found some nice solid wood oak doors for very little money that I plan to strip, prime and paint. My question : will this last in the rain and cold? Or am I wasting my effort? Will post some pics soon Thanks Tony