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  1. Thanks! Already checked that. The rotisserie burner is the same for LP and NG. Just the orifice and valve is different. No side burner on the built in version
  2. OK, thanks! I'll get the NG manifold including valves and orifices. Maybe I can sell the LP manifold to someone in the future who wants to convert from NG to LP
  3. Thanks, both! The 660 is a built in version of the 670. I was planning to swap the orifices instead of drilling them, just to make it 100% right. There are enough suppliers where one can by them so I don't need to get them from weber directly. Do you think the valves might be different between the LP and NG version? That would mean I'd need to swap the entire manifold ($200) as the valves aren't available as spare parts. -Tim
  4. of course they do. They sell every single part of the grills so you could build one from the scratch. There are only few parts different between LP and NG versions. They do not sell kits but they sell parts. This requires to look up the correct parts though and I'm asking if anyone is able to double check if I got the parts right.
  5. Hey all, I'm aware of how to do the conversion in general but wanted to check if I got the parts right. So anyone with access to weber parts lists and who's up for sparing a few minutes, please let me know if I'm correct! To convert the S-660 (most recent model) from LP to NG, I'll: - replace the existing Orifice's with "Orifice For Burner, With Nut - Part Number: 70385" - I guess 6 of them? - install "Bulkhead Assembly - Part Number 82795" Did I miss anything? Thanks, Tim
  6. thanks all, that was very helpful I will go ahead as planned, I'll just get a different side searing burner as the fire magic is too pricey. -Tim
  7. Hey all, New here and hoping to get some opinions on the below. I'm planning to build a BBQ island this summer. As a grill, I'll likely get the Lion L75623. I'm also considering getting a searing station like this one from fire magic. Question: Are separate searing stations worth it or would I get to a similar temperature when getting a grill with integrated searing station like the weber S-460? All I'm looking for is a setup for grilling the perfect rib eye steak Thanks, Tim