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    Hi BBQ Source Community, I'm a long time user of the classic Weber kettle, and recently acquired a classic char-broil 8000 series gas grill. Testing between the two, some uses are better for the Weber, and some are more convenient with the gas grill. However, the sound of the Weber lid being put on is so distinctive. Takes me back to when I was a kid. Glad to be here! :-D -John
  2. Greetings, My wife acquired us an older char-broil 8000 model gas grill from Freecycle. Unit is in good shape overall, but two components need to be replaced. First the burner. I found that new on eBay for $20.00, on its way. The other issue is the igniter. The button is there, but the igniter is gone. I have found some char-broil igniters on eBay but I can't see how they would attach looking at the grill. I've attached a pic hoping it would assist in someone knowing what igniter to purchase. Thank you -John