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  1. Here are a couple screen captures of what I'm looking at. The barrel-looking contraption is actually supposed to be an 18.5" Weber WSM, which I'd like to incorporate into the island so it has a place to call "home". Would appreciate input on the layout!
  2. I'm getting ready to start a new backyard BBQ island build. This forum has been incredible resource and I've been lurking for a while. Here are some of the basics of what I'm looking at: Delta Heat 32" natural gas grill Metal framing with 1/4" Hardie Backer on bottom/sides and 1/2" on top L-shaped island, approx. 8' x 10' Grill on 8' side with 30" stainless access doors below 10' side will consist of bar seating, with stainless 2-drawer storage Stacked stone veneer exterior I will try to post a Sketch-Up drawing I created to provide a visual of what I'm looking at. One initial question I have is regarding venting. I would like to limit the amount of area I need to vent, and was thinking of "compartmentalizing" so I only need to vent 1 leg of the L. Would it make sense to build the island as 2 separate legs separated by Hardie Backer, and then combine them as a single unit? That way I have a barrier in between the 2 legs of the L to prevent natural gas from spreading in the event of a leak. Hopefully my question makes sense. Thanks in advance.
  3. I'm getting ready for an ODK build, and this forum has been a great resource. I have a question specific to BBQ installation and cutout dimensions that I can't seem to wrap my head around. From what I've seen, all the different BBQ manufacturers provide cutout dimensions so you can appropriately set up your framing and get the BBQ to fit. My question is, how do you account for countertop thickness during the framing process? In other words, if I frame my cutout to manufacturers specs, but then choose a relatively thick countertop, wouldn't the grill be "sunk" compared to the countertop surface? And vice versa with a thin countertop? I suppose this issue could be avoided if you pick your countertop thickness before framing, but I'm hoping to wait on that decision until later. Thanks in advance for any input.
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    Got it - thanks.
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    This could be a dumb question - but why would the length need to be a multiple of 12"?