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  1. Hi all- I'm new here, and I see that there are a lot of knowledgeable people here, so I thought I'd ask my question. I have a 48" altima grill, which has 5 straight pipe burners. three are connected wtih crossover tube in back, and then the other two are connected. My old burners rusted out (15 years old), so I took them out and ordered new. Af(ter replacing them, the double burner is fine. You turn it on, and there is a nice sound of gas, and when they light all is good. However, the triple burner is causing flames at the venturi. When I turn on the triple burner, (three separate knobs), the gas sounds much more like air is rushing through, as opposed to the nice soft sound of the double burner. When I light it, it is also quite a bit louder than the double, and after about 30 seconds, I can hear the venturi flame up and the knobs get very hot. I've tested it by taking the cover off, and indeed the flames come right out of the venturi. Any ideas? I've taken the darn thing apart so many times now. they are brand new burners, and nothing is in them. without the burners in, if I turn on the gas valves, all five sound the same, its just when I attach the burners, I get the louder whooshing noise in the triple. It didn't happen before I replaced the old burners. The burners are tubes, that seem to simply rest over the valves. Im attaching a picture. If anyone can help, please do so!!! Any ideas? Do i have the burners installed wrong? Do you think the triple burner is improperly manufactured? Altima doesn't make grills any more, but they are direct from the company (still had stock in the warehouse). Thank you!