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  1. Well, two things... I decided this morning to replace the burners on this unit.. Despite cleaning the old burners, I was experiencing quite a bit of orange flame on the front and rear burners.. When I would preheat the grill with the old burners, the hood thermometer would be reading 600+ after 15 minutes or so. While replacing the burner tubes, I took a look at the orifices and compared them to pictures elsewhere on this site that had a picture of the NG and the LP orifices side by side. I clearly have LP orifices on there. I believe we had the original burner tubes from 2005 on there. Secondly -- after replacing the burners, I preheated the grill. Now I have nice blue flame throughout with occasional yellow tips, and after 15-20 minutes of preheating on high, the hood temperature seems to settle in just below 600. I noticed that Weber redesigned the tubes slightly from the ones I replaced by adding a slit about 3/4 down the length of each tube, which I read that Weber did to improve air mixing. Thanks for the help! Rick
  2. Hi.. We have a 10 year old Genesis Silver C Premium (2005). It was given to us new as a gift, and has always been used with LP. Last weekend, I wanted to replace several things on it, and discovered that the nameplate inside the grill specifies that it is an NG model. (Part 6831301) Heres my question.. The grill is equipped with the LP tank holder/scale.. Is there a way I could tell if the rest of the grill was converted properly to LP (e.g. orifices, manifold)? I spoke to the person that purchased it for us 10 years ago, and he didn't recall anything about a conversion being done.. I notice that when the grill is set with all 3 burners set for medium on the control knobs, that the hod thermometer will get up to about 425 F -- which seems high to me. Thanks, Rick