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  1. Well, it did not exactly happen like that :-) My wife never really did like gas ggrillin. this last 4th of July, she made us all Hamburgers on her $30 Bubba charcoal grill that she bought because my existing Weber Gold Genesis isn't working anymore. She's actually been telling me for decades that we should go barbecue with charcoal.
  2. Just following up. I went in a different direction altogether. AMAZON Prime Day special had the Kamado Joe Classic And Joetisserie rotisserie attachment. 1,000 bucks. While my wife gave the OK for the 620, she kept saying "buy a big Green Egg," so... gonna give the ceramic cooker a try.
  3. Dammit... now I am second guessing. Have not pulled the trigger yet. More research is in order. I am researching add-on rotisseries... many seem to fail according to the Amazon reviews. The 670 is way more than I want to pay. And the 470 is a huge jump over the EP-330. Although the 470 is about the same as the 620. -T
  4. Yup, in for a pound now The E-620 comes with the side burner, so that's nice. I used mine every so often on my Genesis Gold. Although I am not too thrilled about getting the rotisserie... never used one before and probably can live without it. -T
  5. My wife... what a gem. I told her jokingly that I could get a really nice weber for 1599... the e-620. She said Sure. I said Are you nuts? I cannot spend that kinday of money. Here reply was We are both working. Get it if you want it. I wish I would have had that conversation before I posted to the group Anyway, the distance between the 620 burners are comparable to the distance between the 330 sear burners. So I am thinking that using 2 adjacent 620 burners would act like a sear station. Mainly because the burners are approx 6 inches apart. And on the 330, the sear burner as spaced about 5 1/2 inches from the left and middle burner. Anyway, looks like I am headed a different direction, but willing to give the SS grates a try. But the advice I got here helped. -T
  6. Thanks . guys. I appreciate the opinions. Richlife: interesting you mentioned that you would not consider another weber except for maybe the summit 6xx, I did look at the E-620... it's a nice grill and online price of 1669 w/ fee shipping. I am not a fan of SS exteriors. Even at that price, it's pretty steep. But the burners are pretty close together so heat is probably more uniform, and I could use the extra grill width. Hood: So I am leaning towards the the 330 of the 4 listed so I can get the sear station. And before I consider the aluminium GrillGates, I will have to cook some steaks first to see if the GrillGates are even needed. Anyway, the EP-330 looks sweet... -T - T
  7. Hi. First time poster here and I currently own a Weber Genesis Gold gas grill that lasted 15 years. Time for a new grill. My old grill came with bare cast iron grates from Hope Depot that lasted 4 years... too much maintenance and they started to rust, so I replaced with PCI that lasted 11 years (never rusted). Flavor bars were replaced twice in 15 years... but probably could have been replaced a third time. A few concerns: 1. I really like the EP-3xx in Smoke color... I would gladly pay the extra $50 over the cost of an E-3xx just for the color alone. But my concern is the SS grates. I've never had SS before and don't know if I would like them. I guess they'll never rust if I care for them... just like my PCI never rusted after 11 years of use. 2. Do I need the sear station? I guess ignorance is bliss . I thought I was getting good sear on the old Genesis by preheating to 550, searing both sides, then lowering to 350 or so to cook indirect. But after seeing photos of dedicated IR burners, I now see that I was not. I really want a Weber and they don't have IR sear burners. Does the Genesis Sear burner really work work well and worth the money? 3. GrillGrates. I am considering GrillGrates (mainly if I go with the E-310)... saw plenty of youtube videos... then i read something about they are needed for grill that have poor heat... but webers are not in that category. So... would 2 GrillGates be worth it for searing if I go with the E-310 grill? What if I go with the E-330? 4. Finally, it did cross my mind to just get the plain E-3xx in one of the standard colors... and when the flavor bars need replacing, I could replace with heavy gauge RCPlaneBuyer flavor bars. If the PCI grates ever chip and rust, then I won't know what to do Thanks again.. -T