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    Hello there - I am Matt and I have been lurking for a while, but I am here now. I just purchased a new Weber E-330 in Copper from Lowes and they hauled away an old rust bucket. However Lowes went ahead and assembled the grill (I asked them to deliver it unassembled so I could build and get to know my new grill). Since it looked suspiciously like a floor model (numerous scratched on the inside, and wear where the hood meets the base - I asked them to switch and re-deliver. I wanted to purchase the EP-330 in Copper, but the closest one at ACE was 80+ miles away and it was already assembled. As I go to assemble my new grill - are there any screws or parts I should try and replace with stainless steel or simple modifications to make? In reading through the forums I have seen where rust will occasionally occur, so I thought I would ask before I assemble. I am planning on replacing the grates and flavorizer bars with stainless before I begin to grill. Thank you Matt