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    Nexgrill Model 720-077

    I've done that with all the cast iron manifolds. I was careful not to enlarge the holes. I had to replace one manifold because it broken as I found it. The flame height doesn't seem to change very much from high to low setting when turning the gas valve. When it's on it's on. Turning to low doesn't seem to change the flame height. I can take pictures if that will help. I looked to see if the valve itself had a setting to control flame height. joe
  2. wsteffey

    Nexgrill Model 720-077

    I am in the process of fixing an older Nexgrill Model 720-077 grill. It was abandoned at a rental house and I have been working on getting it back to grilling again. The flame height of all main burners do not seem to change very much from the HIGH to LOW settings. I looked into the gas valves to see if there was a low flame setting and there appears to be none. I've replaced the LP hose from the tank from a new one. How high should the flame height be from the HIGH to LOW setting when turning the gas valve. Any ideas will be a great help Joe