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    Installing a hotter burner

    I'm running new burners and a new regulator, so that should all be OK and the grill works just as it did before - not hot enough over most of the grate and uneven - there are two palm-sized patches that char nicely (two burners), but the rest is iffy and large cuts brown/cook unevenly. I'd like to have a good size sear or hot area and use the main two burners (on the right of my grill) for slower cooking, possibly with lava rock over the flames.
  2. Frank Kolwicz

    Installing a hotter burner

    No, Oregon, USA.
  3. Frank Kolwicz

    Installing a hotter burner

    I have an old Sunshine L4 Legend (propane, 4 cast iron burners - about 12K btu each) and I'd like to install either a 20k U burner or a 15+k infrared sear space or both (replace one or two existing burners). I have no idea what I need to know to do this except physical dimensions, which should be adequate either way. The existing burners are barely hot enough and have very uneven grate surface temperatures, is fine for uncritical foods, but iffy for decent steaks and pork tenderloins and such that I want to get just right internally with a controllable sear. And, just to make it clear, I don't want to switch to charcoal (btdt and don't want to spend that much time prepping a fire) or spend big $$ to replace what is a decent enough grill overall. Thanks for any help you can provide, Frank