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  1. In pictures I've seen and as well as recommende in installation manuals, power burners are installed below the level of the counter. What's the reason for this? Safety? I don't understand why power burner should be below counter while a double burner is installed at counter level. I guess my concer would be the cut out preventing large pots to fit onto the burner. Has anyone with power burner ever had fitment issue? I guess I could always make the cut out wider than the burner.
  2. Okeano

    Weber Summit Smoke Box Modifications

    Yes, after I made this thread, I did more digging. It does sound like using charcoal in my Weber would not be a good idea. I do want the grill to last and would hate to void the warranty. I recently discovered the charcoal chimney so that has made starting a charcoal fire much easier. Thank you for the advice.
  3. I'm wondering what people have done to their Summit for improvement. The sear zone isn't getting quite hot as I'd like, and the smoker box does not work well. I would like to convert the right side of the grill (460) to a charcoal sear station. However, I'm not sure if there is narrow cooking grate out there that would fit in the space of the smoker box (I'm thinking of buying the narrow grate that comes with the 660 then trim it to the right width with hacksaw). I'm looking at the charcoal pan for Napoleon too, but haven't check the fitment. Has anyone found good solutions and/or parts that can convert part of the grilling area to charcoal (that lights by the burner or funnels the gas itself for fire source)?
  4. From reading the build manual, it seems the grill just slides into the cut out and isn't actually structurally supported by the counter. Can I use the grill as a stand alone to cook while I work on building the island?