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    Pizza lovers -off topic

    I didn’t find any thread here on food and I thought of starting one.Food wise I always wanted to talk about pizza as it is my favorite snack.I often like trying my hand at different feast pizzas because they come with a delicious texture.I would love to hear what everyone’s favorite snacks are.Any views on this are welcome.
  2. boney

    chicken and steak

    Anyway thanks for the info hood..ohh cooking beef at 145 is over done?I was not knowing ...since beef steak I have not done
  3. I am planning to build a outdoor fireplace with a open flamed BBQ grill.Since I don’t have much idea I am thinking of hiring some professionals to do this.One of my friends suggested a professional company that provides outdoor fireplace designs .Has anyone ever availed their services before?Any insight on this would be good and any ideas on this would be most welcome.Thanks in advance.
  4. boney

    Hii everyone

    New to this forum...very glad to be here and hope everyone enjoying their Christmas ...