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    Tile for countertop?

    Thanks. I considered the concrete tops for a while as well. I ended up going with a filled travertine tile that will cooridinate well with the patio tiles and backsplash stacks I picked. I went with large 12x24 tiles and will keep the grout lines as tight as I can. I'll look into the resin based grout options. Thank you all for the tips! I've nearly finished the base and cabinets and will start building the counter top soon.
  2. rawilt

    Tile for countertop?

    Dave - do you have a recommendation for minimum spacing?
  3. rawilt

    Tile for countertop?

    Thanks Dave. I'll use all three of those tips... More vertical support, 1/2 HB, and large tiles. Have started doing some of that already.
  4. rawilt

    Tile for countertop?

    Thanks for the suggestion. I'm a little concerned around the cost of granite. Especially as there are many small parts with large cutouts. I feel like I'd be eating a lot of cost. FYI, attached is my initial framing. It will be an L shape, but a bar top that extends to the left. That bar top will be a live edge ceder slab, supported on one side by the kitchen and the other with a leg or pole.
  5. I'm in the middle of a new build now. I've been planning to use a tile for my countertop, but have some concern. Some pictures I've seen look great. But other pictures using tile just looks like a bathroom floor to me. Any tips for the kind of tile, tile size, grout lines, colors, etc that are best for creating a countertop?