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  1. Pictures I hopeCooking on the Camp chef stoveAl's Pork Fryed Rice Fish Fry
  2. Sorry Dave, I thought i read sonewhere here in the forums that you didnt like because of all the oil that is used with them . I must have read it wrong . As soon as I figure out how to post pics here I will . AL
  3. Hello All I am new here . I live in Minnesota so not much Q-ing going on here .My wife and I are looking forward to spring here. We are going to expand the patio . We built a fire pit which we cook on and added a Blackstone griddle and a Camp chef 3 burner stove . Dr Dave ,I know that you dont like the griddle but thats what i use . The paito will be almost twice the size when we are done. In time we will pour a slab and start working on a outdoor kitchen . I will add some pics of what we have so far. Thanks for looking AL
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    Hello All

    I would like to say hi to everyone . My name is Al . I live in Minnesota so outdoor cooking doesnt happen much here but we are already planing for spring . Thanks for adding me Al