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  1. bten

    Jenn Air BBQ grill wont get hot

    I agree with Underthehood. If you have an oven thermometer, you may want to put it inside the grill and check the temperature. The thermometers on the top of most grills are very inaccurate. I use a Maverick model 732 to watch both my grate temp and food temp.
  2. bten

    Jenn Air BBQ grill wont get hot

    Are you sure it is not set up for propane. Check the nameplate.
  3. bten

    New Summit in 2018?

    If you need to get replacement flame tamers, go with non-oem stainless ones. I think they reflect heat better than the porcelan coated ones and cost less than the weber porcelan ones.
  4. bten

    DOes anyone know anything about this?

    That is a tough one, if you didn't have the Wolf, it might be worth the risk. hard to tell what the previous owner did to make the "generic" ones fit. Have you been able to find an owner's manual online?
  5. bten

    DOes anyone know anything about this?

    looks like Frontgate is a rebadged Viking. or this particular one is made for Frontgate by Viking. I have seen other Frontgate products, I don't think they manufacture anything. Grill-parts.com sells Frongate parts. If you can get the model number from the seller, you might check availability of parts there. (you have to put the dash between grill and parts.)
  6. It should work just fine. They are all pretty much the same.
  7. bten

    Nexgrill Model 720-077

    Is the flame too low? If the burners are cast iron, you may want to pull them and drill out the ports with a bit that is big enough to just knock out accumulated rust (you don't want to make them bigger by drilling and making the individual ports bigger). By ports, I am talking about all the holes where the flame comes out.
  8. Glad it worked out well.
  9. bten

    730-0164 - can i replace the grill "box" ?

    You might be able to also find a stainless piece from Home depot. They sell some sheet stock. you can just pilot drill the holes where the tack welds were, and use stainless sheet metal screws to attach a sheet.
  10. bten

    730-0164 - can i replace the grill "box" ?

    Looks like it is a lost cause if that is welded in. You might want to try and find one on Craigslist and see if you can turn 2 into 1. Otherwise, I think it is time for a new grill.
  11. I bought a Ravenna Gas grill cover from Amazon last year and it is still in good shape. It is a heavy duty canvas one. Post a picture when you are done!
  12. Take a look at Coyote grills ceramic trays. I think bbqguys sells them. Give them a call, they may know if they fit. I think that Coyote grills were started by a group of guys that left Bull Angus. I agree with you, I really like ceramic briquettes on a gas grill. You may also find them on Amazon. You might be able to get the dimensions.
  13. I know when I was looking for parts, there are places like grillparts.com and grill-parts.com. I was rebuilding a grill for my son and started looking at amazon. The prices were much less, and since I had prime, the shipping was free. Long story short, if you are trying to decide whether it is worth it or not, check amazon for part prices, they blow everyone elst out of the park. Many are chinese parts, but so are the oem parts. One last option is to look at craigslist for an older weber. Well made, and the parts are inexpensive on amazon from non oem manufacturers. You would end up with a better grill at a lower price than the new Weber grills.
  14. I bought one of the smoker tubes and a cheap torch. It does work well. mine last about 4 hrs. I find if I use a mesquite pellet, I can better taste the smoke on the food.
  15. and if you keep the side shelves, you may be able to keep a side burner