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    Help me pick a grill!!!

    Well, I pulled the trigger last week on this guy... https://www.costco.com/KitchenAid-8-burner-Grill.product.100235006.html Impressed so far!
  2. dcoville

    Help me pick a grill!!!

    I've always made the most with the under $500 big box store brand gas grills. I lost my last one during my divorce (she didn't take it, she just didn't ever cover it in 2 years and it fell apart. I forget the brand but it was the 4 burner infrared u grate one from Home Depot. I used it all year round and miss it. Last year I bought one of those plug in trash can grills that I literally caught on fire (like baking soda required fire). Lets not talk about that. I hadn't put much thought into it until I was walking through Costco and saw a gorgeous Kitchenaid grill. Like with anything else I prefer to do my research instead of making impulse purchases. Long story short I've started researching Webers, Napoleons, and everything under the sun and am ready to pull the trigger, I just can't decide what. My budget is around $1000, I'm ok spending less, I'm ok spending a bit more. To spend over $1500 it better do mote than grill (the napoleon with the ice box? lol) Point my money in the right direction!!! Any advice is appreciated!!! -Doug